Happy June and a Bit o’ Optimism

Can you hear the optimism in my typing? Can you feel how I’m trying to not give up all hope that this year is not going to be a crap of a year.

It’s June. JUNE! I’ve been saying since January, “This is just a bad month. Next month will be better. I feel it!” Well, it’s now the middle of the year and I have yet to see a blip of anything to show me that this year is going to be THE year things will turn itself around.

However, despite the lack of satisfaction at work, despite the crushing blow of the drop in house prices, and even despite the soaring price of gas, I am still determined to not let this year beat me down. Or at least not just yet.  I am going to look on the bright side. (Insert parting of clouds that reveal a blinding light shining from above while inspirational music plays.)

I am constantly reminded by others that things aren’t always as bad as they seem. When one door closes another door will open. And, we can continue on with all the adages that people like to say to people who are depressed about how their lives are turning out. I do realize that things could be worse. I could have a horrible disease or deformation. I could be out on the streets living in a moving box. I could be alone without anyone to care whether I came home at night. I understand. I also do know that sometimes life is just $#!*. You have to roll with the punches most of the time, but it’s okay once in awhile to complain when you take one to the groin.

Today’s bright side: Co-worker brought in cupcakes and I can always use some sugar.

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