Lost and Found

I started this blog almost as a journal for myself. I wanted to document bits and pieces of my life so that if anyone asks how we (A and I) are doing I can just direct them here. Of course, since it is displayed on the internet, certain things can’t be discussed- family, friends, jobs, very personal “stuff.” Funnily enough, these are the things that ramble through my head at all hours of the day. I’m constantly thinking about all these, and sometimes all at once! Besides the subjects that I can’t (or really shouldn’t) discuss, not much goes on in this little life of mine. I go to work. I come home. Sometimes I go to the gym. Sometimes I work in the garden. Sometimes I cook a meal or two. Sometime we take a trip. Yep, that about summarizes it.

I’ve been told “No news is good news.” (Come to think of it, people tell me adages all the time. Why?) Is that really true? I’ve heard plenty of good news. I also stand by the philosophy that in order for great things to happen there should be great risk (again, another adage). But with great risk can come great failure. You just have to be willing to roll the dice. Most of my life I had been a participant in this game. I’d make decision on a whim all the time just because my gut told me too. More often than not it usually fell in my favor. Everything from college decisions to moving to my marriage has been quick heart-felt decisions.

The past few years I have strayed from this path. I’m not sure why or what caused me to be more cautious and thoughtful about my choices. My decisions now I feel are more thought out and calulated, like a running tally of good vs. bad. A good investment- good check. Not enough money- bad check. However, I am not seeing that the decisions I have made based on this process are happy ones. My head may tell me it’s the wise thing to do, but my heart knows that in the end It (my heart) will not be in it for the long haul. I am figuring out I am best and most happiest (I know that is grammatically wrong, but who cares?) when I make my decisions swiftly and from the gut.

My family has always been movers (not shakers). My brother and I have had a very nomadic upbringing- one I didin’t fully appreciate until I was older. Change, whether good or bad, is in my blood. My head says consistency and settling down (funny since it is the name of this blog) is the wise and mature thing to do. “Invest in your company, job, house, etc. Do you really want to keep starting again?” My heart knows that I thrive on change and all the challenges that come with it. So, I say a big “YES” to starting over each time because each time I start I become that much closer to happiness.

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