Veg or Not to Veg

Well, it’s really pesco-veg (or pesco-vegetarian). Lately our little household has not been eating much meat, which is a good thing. Since I do most of the shopping and cooking, the whole house is forced to live a more veggie lifestyle- veggie burgers, black bean tacos, vegetable-laden pastas, margherita pizza. My thought-why not just be pesco-vegetarian completely? I say the “pesco” since I can’t give up seafood because I love sushi too much…and tuna sandwiches and salmon and shrimp.  I’ve been pesco vegetarian before (actually, multiple times). I have no REAL political reason for doing it (besides the whole treatment of animals thing and I’m sure the PETA pamphlets were distributed at your school too). I just don’t  like meat all that much. Also, meat is really expensive. Okay, I fully admit I am that yuppie grocery shopper who buys organic (when it’s affordable) and preservative/ antibiotic-free meat (again, when affordable). I have no problems saying I am a RESPONSIBLE shopper with her own cloth grocery bags. Doesn’t going partial veg just make sense then? The anal organizer I am has started to prepare a list of why and why not’s:

To go veg: CHEAPER!, healthier, no animals (besides those in the ocean) are harmed, already 3/4 doing it now

To not go veg: don’t really eat that much meat, really like BBQ, love turkey sandwiches and turkey burgers, sometimes meat is just easier, generally just like certain “meat” dishes, can be healthier since it’s an easy source for protein

No decision has been made since the list is completely useless.

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