A’s list

  1. Get the house D wants
  2. Make enough money to do everything else we want
  3. Have a song in radio rotation
  4. Skydive
  5. Visit Egypt
  6. Visit the Middle East
  7. Make my own beer
  8. Be part owner of a brewery
  9. Be part owner of a bar
  10. Own more than one business
  11. Take that Fijii vacation finally
  12. Raise a well rounded child
  13. Invent something
  14. Take the Family to Korea
  15. Own a house in the Georgia Mountains
  16. Be on a championship sports team
  17. Watch the Gators win a national title in person

2 thoughts on “A’s list

  1. Awww…babe! You’re too funny! I’m not sure I can help you with #16, but I’ll work on it! I do think we should work on #8 😉

  2. Yeh…I do not have to be world, country or even state champion. Group B, non-competitive, older mens city champion would be just fine.

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