D and A- Snapshot 9/2003

Boston, MA. It was my first shift with the new guy.  I wasn’t sure what to make of him. I heard he was generally nice (well “hot” was the word really used) from several co-workers. I can see the appeal- dark hair, light eyes, brooding serious face…definitely cute. Rose, our shift supervisor, liked to tease him about the brooding and the seriousness. He would smile politely and continue to focus on making coffee.

What I knew about A was very little and mostly from my friends Max and Aaron (my manager): cute, musician, single, funny, general “good guy” personality, and he had a crush on one of the customers that came in. Our Starbucks crew was very close, so any new person who came into the family was highly scrutinized and then gossiped about. If you make it through this process, you have some of the best co-workers by your side. A had just started, and little did he know that most of us knew more about him than he really knew about us.  Max was determined to set us up for some reason, but I just didn’t want to date anyone in a band. Band guys tend to be too complicated and too full of themselves.

A didn’t really smile too much. He would just do his work quietly while Rose and I chatted. Then, a woman came in with the most horrendous eyebrows. They were horrible…over plucked and over arched, making her look like she had an evil plot to carry out. After she ordered and walked away, A and I looked at each other, bent under the counter and laughed uncontrollably.  We must have laughed for ten minutes, tears rolling down my face. Once it all wore off, I walked over to Rose and said, “I kind of like this guy. He’s pretty funny!”


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