D’s First Gator Game

FL Gators vs. HI Warriors
Pre-game Warm ups


New J.O.B.

I am now officially moving on to another (and hopefully better) position. YAY for me! Although I’m excited about this new venture, I can’t help but feel a little scared and anxious. I guess starting a new job is always a bit unnerving, but there is a little bit of excitement about taking on a new challenge.

On the note of new job, I have officially  given my notice and trying to tie up loose ends. I have an exit interview with HR next week, and I have this lingering question of how much is too much information when it comes to the exit interview. Am I supposed to be REALLY honest or just fake it knowing you may or may not come back so why burn any bridges? I know the answer is a professional in-between of the two. I’m already formulating my answers now.

In celebration of my new job, I post for you my favorite part of one of my favorite movies. Hopefully, my interview will go slightly better than this…remember, “It’s not that I’m lazy, it’s just that I just don’t care…”

Five Things That Make Me Happy

I love lists! I think it’s my super-organized and controlling brain that likes to neatly put everything into a list with numbers or dashes. I also noticed that all my close friends will do the same. I guess great minds do think alike!

The past few weeks I’ve really made an effort to be a better person. When I say “better,” I don’t mean that I’m a terrible person at the moment. I give spare change to the homeless when I can, try to recycle everything possible, and have a general concern for animals and humanity. For me, better is happier or more at ease with myself. I’m trying to let the little things not irritate me and be more patient with the parts of life I can’t control (which is a majority of it). This is VERY, VERY hard for this anal control freak. I like the idea of being balanced and comfortable with myself and the life I’m living. On that note, I give you this list of five things that make me feel happy, all the way to my bones.

1. My furry (not fat), uber-mellow, slightly homosexual kitty…you would agree with me if you knew him
2. Cultured, Pink Berry-esque, green tea yogurt with pineapple, mango, and coconut flakes
3. A really good meal (whether it is home-cooked or at a restaurant)
4. A hug from my hubby
5. Listening to certain songs (I have a handful of songs that make me immediately smile…at the moment, I like Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours.” It’s island-sounding tune reminds me of eating rainbow shaved ice on the beach of Hawaii-home- after a good afternoon of surfing.)

***I also added to my Life list…AND I still have not crossed off anything on it yet. I really need to get moving on it!

Mall Rat Break

Observed today at the mall:

1) A woman on the phone with her friend in the fitting rooms complains about veins she discovered on the side of her face that she claims to never have noticed. Through tears (not exaggerating) she cries, “How can I be young one day and be old the next day? That’s not possible!”

2) A six-year-old brother brings his thirteen-year-old sister a pair of bright yellow earrings and tells her, “Oh! These are pretty. I think these would look fabulous on you!” (really, not exaggerating this either) as he dances to the music playing in the store. He also attempts to try on the high heels that are on sale. So, it starts that young…good taste and diva style, that is…Oh! I really do wish I had a picture of it.

***Okay…so I didn’t forget about the photo project, but since A took “our” computer to class this weekend I can’t upload my pictures. I have been taking them though so they’ll be up when A returns.

Snap Shot 9/2003 #3

Well I…A was eargerly awaiting my date of Indian food and company with the best girl I had met in years. I was so excited to get to know D and not just because we made out the night before.

I must say I was very disappointed when D called to say she was hung over and was not going to be able to make it. It retrospect I was probably being too eager. What can I say, I liked her a lot.

We made the date for the next night.
I wanted to impress. I wanted to wow that is why I picked a restaraunt that would give me the opportunity to show myself as a world traveler.

The conversation was great. The hours went by in a flash. I ordered saag for her and I had chicken tikka masala.

After dinner we walked out of the resteraunt I saw across the street was a starbucks and an Irish bar. That begged the question, “would you like coffee or a guiness”. I was shocked when my baby chose guiness. On the spot I told her I loved her. The rest his history.