Operation Photo Project

So, it’s only Thursday…not quite yet Friday. I’m sitting in my office cube with my coffee knowing I should be working, but my terrible headache reminds me that I’d rather write here instead. Lately I feel as if I’m going through a quarter-life crisis that has now lasted five years too long. I don’t think I’m the only one who feels this way, but I’m definitely one of the only people I know who dwells on it. Anyway, instead of whining about it I’ll tell you about the new project I have given myself.

Besides cooking I have started a love affair with photography! I am mesmerized by some of the fabulous photography I’ve seen (Cooper Carras, Simply Photo and Simply Breakfast, Sweet Juniper, 3191…just to name a few). Even the photographs in my monthly Gourmet magazine are amazing. I love the pictures of food, dishes, and still objects. I have wanted to take a photography class for awhile now AND I would really like a fancy new camera. However, I have decided to put these excuses aside and just start taking more pictures to explore photography on my own with my very outdated digital camera. I also have a very cool Diana camera, which is aching to be used again. Now my project…next week I plan to do a week in pictures just to see what I can come up with. I’ll be my own photography professor and assign myself homework. This is either going to be fun or frustrating. I challenge any of you to do the same to see what you come up with!

**I’ve loaded a few more pics from our trip to Belgium two years ago. You can tell I’m getting the travel bug.


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