Snap Shot 9/2003 #3

Well I…A was eargerly awaiting my date of Indian food and company with the best girl I had met in years. I was so excited to get to know D and not just because we made out the night before.

I must say I was very disappointed when D called to say she was hung over and was not going to be able to make it. It retrospect I was probably being too eager. What can I say, I liked her a lot.

We made the date for the next night.
I wanted to impress. I wanted to wow that is why I picked a restaraunt that would give me the opportunity to show myself as a world traveler.

The conversation was great. The hours went by in a flash. I ordered saag for her and I had chicken tikka masala.

After dinner we walked out of the resteraunt I saw across the street was a starbucks and an Irish bar. That begged the question, “would you like coffee or a guiness”. I was shocked when my baby chose guiness. On the spot I told her I loved her. The rest his history.


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