Mall Rat Break

Observed today at the mall:

1) A woman on the phone with her friend in the fitting rooms complains about veins she discovered on the side of her face that she claims to never have noticed. Through tears (not exaggerating) she cries, “How can I be young one day and be old the next day? That’s not possible!”

2) A six-year-old brother brings his thirteen-year-old sister a pair of bright yellow earrings and tells her, “Oh! These are pretty. I think these would look fabulous on you!” (really, not exaggerating this either) as he dances to the music playing in the store. He also attempts to try on the high heels that are on sale. So, it starts that young…good taste and diva style, that is…Oh! I really do wish I had a picture of it.

***Okay…so I didn’t forget about the photo project, but since A took “our” computer to class this weekend I can’t upload my pictures. I have been taking them though so they’ll be up when A returns.


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