Weekend Bits and Pieces

I adore long weekends…which I’m sure is not shocking. I love knowing on Sunday that I have one more day to get up without an alarm clock, eat breakfast leisurely, and plan my day of nothing. This weekend was particularly nice. A and I trucked over to the Gator game on Saturday. That was an experience! Being smashed into a sold-out stadium of drunken, rowdy college kids with intermittent rain and sun was something that was somewhere in between fun and misery. Ask me next week when the game is at night and I won’t be as tired from getting up at 6 am.

Sunday was filled with a whole bunch of nothing (much needed nothing) and Monday we did one of my favorite things to do when I get a weekday off- happy hour! I love happy hour. I love getting food for half price and enjoying a drink in the afternoon. Really? Who doesn’t like a deal?

Other notes- When A and I were reading at Sbux yesterday, I noticed two very odd things. One, a woman came in wearing one flip flop. She was just walking around, dressed completely normal, but only had one brown flip flop on her foot. Second, another gentleman came in with a backpack that had a body-soap-puff thing attached to it. Again, perfectly normal looking, but with an odd piece of flair. Hmmm…


2 thoughts on “Weekend Bits and Pieces

  1. just one sandal, eh? reminds me of the time i got stuck in airport security because someone “forgot” their sneakers after taking them off…and apparently liked his/her barefoot stroll through the terminal.

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