Open Letter- To The A-Hole at the UF Game

Dear Mr. A-Hole at the UF Game-

Congratulations! You’ve have been awarded the first A-Hole Award of 2008. Please note that you (and your A-hole friend and A-hole friend’s significant other) are all the most inconsiderate and rudest people I’ve met in a LONG time. I have to thank you for renewing my belief that the world is turning into a place where I am no longer proud to even be a human being. I know you tried your very hardest to ruin my experience and A’s experience by standing your 6’2 self directly on YOUR SEAT IN FRONT ME, but I most appreciated how your drunken self could not STAND on the seat. Instead, you decided that JUMPING on the bench was most appropriate (nearly knocking over another smaller girl next to you) and having your DISGUSTING, SWEATY self fall on me several times…without even an apology. I liked how you felt you were ENTITLED to this. I just want to let you know, that even though we left the game at halftime since I no longer felt that your a** was worth looking at in my field of vision (and after I chewed you out for the A-hole you are), you did not ruin our good time. We had a better time enjoying several beers over at the local Appleby’s under air conditioning and surrounded by much nicer folks than yourself. How I do feel sorry for your poor wife!


The person who hopes karma gets to you sooner than later


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