Still Surviving

Again, another mundane post about the little that is going on in our lives that is actually of any interest.

***Things have slowed down a bit (FINALLY!) and we now have been able to settle into somewhat of a routine. I am learning to break myself away from the laptop and feel comfortable with NOT checking my email every hour. You know, working at home has perks, but at the same time I feel as if I’m always working (or at least supposed to be working).

***My favorite time of year is just around the corner. I see the pumpkin patches out, one of my favorite things to do. Soon those pumpkin patches will turn into Christmas tree tents. Even just as exciting is that Starbucks will soon have gingerbread lattes…yum. I can agree that it is slightly pathetic that I get joy from this, but hey, I try to take good things where ever I can.

***Go Dodger Blue! It’s a good baseball post season at the moment with the Dodgers and Red Sox in the playoffs. I can only hope both teams will make it all the way and make it one exciting World Series for our household. So, not only will we be divided politically (Go McBama!…LOL!…and that is all the politics you’ll probably ever see on this blog) but we’ll be divided by baseball. Funny enough, those teams are blue and red as well.

***The big 30 hits next month. I wish I could jump out of the way but I’m tied to the tracks at the moment. On a good note, my wonderful hubby has booked a “Happy Birthday” trip for me to some surprise destination. The only hints I have are as follows:

  1. It requires a passport. This is VERY exciting!
  2. It’s relatively close since we are leaving on Friday afternoon and coming back Monday morning.
  3. I “may” need a bathing suit.

I have my suspicions, but nothing definite. Perhaps the Bahamas? South America somewhere? A cruise?