Wedding, babies, and such

Ah! It feels like wonderful things are happening to all my friends. It makes me smile.

This past weekend we attended the wedding of some good friends of ours. It was a beautiful wedding, with just the right touch of simplicity and style. I’ll be honest with you, dear internet. I really don’t like weddings. I’m not sure why, but I am generally not one who gushes and cries at a wedding. (I did cry at my own, but my excuse is that exhaustion makes me cry.) However, I can still appreciate the effort and spirit that is behind each one. And, I am always happy to celebrate with others.

And what else is going on? Well, one of my favorite girls is having another girl of her own…at any moment. I am so excited and can only imagine how the happy parents-to-be feel! You prepare for nine months for this little person and all of a sudden she’s here. Has nine months really flown by that fast? Amazing…

Cheers to all my friends and the new adventures they are starting!


New Year and A Long To-Do List


Dear internet…has it really been so very long since I’ve written on you? I feel guilty all over. I really, really do!

Since November, things have been crazy busy (a word I so dearly love). A and I are working very hard at our new jobs and attempting to at least get some sleep in between. We’ve only been semi-successful at this. Our lives have dramatically changed in that we are just…well…busy. Since Christmas, I’ve only spent one weekend at home. This is weekend number two and we were able to clean and do much needed errands.

However, we did find time for a wonderful trip to Seattle to see our favorite family members. We’ve also seen our lovely friend S’s belly grow, and are so excited to meet the little one who will now be in all our lives in the next few weeks. There was a trip to California and to Boston all thrown in there as well. See…busy, right?

Well, I promise Internet that I will be much better at my blog. Now that it’s hooked up to my phone, I really have no excuse. So, today I start new year’s resolution #4- Write on my blogs!