Where’s my red cape?

I’ve had this blog for a little while now, and I’m not sure what the purpose of it is yet. I know most blogs I love have a central theme that runs through each entry, but this blog is just all over the place. However, that is exactly me…all over the place.

I was telling A yesterday that lately I have had this problem of over multi-tasking, not only physically but mentally. I never realized it until I  noticed people telling me that we needed to focus on one issue before going to the next one. You see, these days in my head I’m constantly thinking about several things at one time. I’m always organizing, scheduling, solving, etc. So, when I try to have conversations with people (mostly work folks) I’ve discovered I’m telling them about four different things all at once- jumping around from thought to thought. It all makes sense to me, but for the poor person who I’m speaking to it is all just confusing. *Sigh* As a result, by the end of the day I’m just exhausted.

I know I’m not crazy (although I know it sounds like I could be). I just have so many things going on at all times that I’ve learned to perfect multi-tasking at all levels. Even when I’m “resting” by watching a little tv, I’m still working. For instance, at this moment I am watching tv, doing this blog, have answered a phone call, replied to several email, and working out a few work-related issues in my head- and that is just in the past 20 minutes. This goes on all day!

I know men have their own set of challenges that I don’t entirely understand since I’m not male. However, women these days are expected to be wonder women. This especially is the case with working mothers. They continue to amaze me. I have a very FULL home life (which those who know me understand) that I have to balance very delicately with work. Now, the idea of throwing a kid or two into that mix just makes it even more delicate. I’ve started speaking more and more to these women asking them how they manage. It comes down to this one answer- they just do. They don’t think about it; they don’t worry about it; they just go. Now, that is what I call having a super power! We, as women, are always making sure that everyone and everything is taken care of. As cliche as that sounds, it is very true and I’ve never felt that pressure until this past year. But, hey, it just means that I need to make time for a vacation every so often, right? Right.