Spring Cleaning

It’ll be May next week and summer is just around the corner. I’ve barely had enough time to enjoy the spring crispness as the heat slowly starts to trickle into our lives. BUT, A and I are finally getting around to little projects around the house that we’ve been putting off for…oh…two years now. I know, very, very pathetic.

Well, first project (BIG project) is sprucing up the house. We bought a semi-fixer-upper. It sounds like a great idea but in reality it was a terrible one. Why? A and I have had very little time to do any renovations. With A working on his MBA and both of us in sales with high seasons, it’s been a roller coaster of a fall and winter. However, we are finally both slowing down and can take care of things that just have to be done. Our first renovation to tackle is our half bathroom in the master bedroom. A was determined to get the major demolition part complete on his own, and by golly he did:

               Before                                                   After

Behind the wall was the closet for the adjacent bedroom. The plan is to take that closet space, wall it up, and turn it into a shower.

While he was busy knocking down walls, I was planting the first of my garden. I guess it is going to be more of a garden of pots and boxes since I can’t really plant them in the ground. Sadly, we don’t have very good soil for the herbs and veggies. Also, we have a serious mole problem. A tried to solve it for me (since I would not take part in the massacre) but he was very unsuccessful. I ended up with only the tops of my root-veggies. They also went after the watermelon and the peas. So, this year I am going to plant everything in containers. Here is the first group of herbs:

Just lovely!

I’ll be posting again very soon. Now to make some pesto with my delicious fresh basil!