Anniversary Memory #2

Memory #2: Is that a ring in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

On our first date, after our bellies were full of several pints of Guinness, A and I left the bar and walked to the John F. Kennedy house in Brookline. This is the house that John F. Kennedy was born and raised in Massachusetts. It is a cute house on a quiet street that has been turned into a museum. It was past midnight, so A and I hopped the little fence and sat on the porch swing. We had one of those conversations where you just knew that this was “it”…the beginning of something special.

About eight months later, A kept bringing up that he wanted to revisit our spot on the porch. We tried to make it several times, but each time it did not work out for some reason. FINALLY, he said that we HAD to go- no matter what happens. We had a date planned for that night- movie, coffee, and a stroll to the house. The day rolled around and I told a friend at work how adamant he was that we had to go to this house. I thought it was strange and funny. And then, a thought…

Me- Do you think he’s going to propose?
K- I was thinking that but I wasn’t about to say it.
Me- No! No, he can’t propose. We’ve only known each other for eight months. That’s not enough time.
K- What are you going to say if he does?
Me- No of course. I mean, not “No, I don’t want to be with you.” More like “No, ask me next year.” It’s too soon.
K-Well, you never know. If he does, you have to call me. If not, I’ll see you tomorrow.
Me- Deal.

That evening, A continued to act funny.  He was a bit nervous and unsure, which I again thought was odd. Perhaps I was just looking too carefully. You know, the way you look at the spelling of a word over and over again until it starts to look wrong. After the movie, we stopped at Starbucks to get coffee. I DID notice that he had his hand in his pocket the whole time, trying to get his wallet and pay all using the other hand. Huh…strange. I started to get nervous.

We walked over to our spot and started to chat. I wish I could remember the details of the conversation, but it all seemed like a blur. What I do remember is this:

A (trying to get down on one knee but doesn’t get that far)- Will you marry me?
Me (crying, of course)- Are you serious? Really?
A (now feeling a bit awkward because of my response)- Uh…yes….
Me- Yes! Of course, yes!

That’s all I remember of it. When I got home, I knew I had to make one phone call.

Me- So, I’m calling you.
K- Okay…so…wait! Really? He asked? You’re calling me!
Me- Yep. And I said yes.


Four Years and a Pocketful of Memories

This month is our four year anniversary. Four years! It feels so short and so long at the same time. In four years, we’ve moved several times and have gone through a couple of career changes. We’ve had some great vacations and few rough patches that have held us together. It’s amazing how much we’ve been able to smash into four years.

Well, in honor of our four years of marriage here are four great memories that I remember as if it were yesterday.

Memory #1: Blame it on the Guinness

A and my first date was about two days after we met. Anyone who knows A knows that he does not follow the rules of waiting to ask a girl out. He knows what he wants and he just goes for it (one of many things I love about him). A was exactly on time, and before we left, the boy slyly left his sweater on my chair so he had an excuse to walk me back up to my door. While taking the T to the restaurant just a few stops up, I remember thinking that we must look funny together because of our height difference. He is 6’4 and I’m 5’2. I actually don’t notice it anymore.

He took me to a small Indian restaurant, which did impress me. The food was good and the conversation was even better. I remember being slightly nervous but excited, you know that cocktail of emotions you get on a good first date. I remember he told me about his trip to India, again I was impressed. We hit all the usual subjects- family, friends, hometowns.

After dinner neither of us wanted the date to end. We stood outside the Indian restaurant trying to figure out what to do next. Here is how the conversation went:

A: Well, do you want to go get coffee? Or, I know a great place across the street that pours the best Guinness. What sounds good to you?

Me: Oh! A Guinness! and I’ve never been to that place. Let’s go get a Guinness.

A: Really? I love you! (with enthusiasm)

Me: *Laugh*

And that is the first time A said “I love you”. Who knew that was all it took?

Small Reminders of Your Age

Although I am 30, I don’t feel 30. However, every so often I get small reminders that I am officially getting older. I find myself saying, “How can she wear that…it’s so short!” or “Can you lower that music? It’s way too loud.” I never thought I’d ever reach that point, but I guess I have.

Today’s reminder: No Doubt on the Today show. A and I were watching No Doubt perform this morning, very excited about the reunion. As we scanned the crowd we noticed the age of the crowd. Our first thought was that they looked much older than we would have guessed. Then, I realized they are all our age.

I actually don’t mind getting older. I like that I have more confidence and have better finances than I ever did in my twenties. For instance, I was in Vegas a few weeks ago visiting with great college friends. We reminisced about the last time we were in Vegas all together (right after college), and how we were seriously “all together.” If memory serves me correctly, there were about eight of us smashed into a room with two full beds and I slept on the floor. How we coordinated this I have no idea. As we laughed at the memories, I could only think how much nicer it was being 30 and being able to afford my own room with my own bed- something that would never have been possible at 23. Being 30 definitely has perks!

Here are a few more reminders that I’ve encountered recently:

-Friends having babies
-Owning a house
-Not getting carded anymore
-Planning a REAL vacation
-Wrinkle worries