Catching UP and Cleaning UP

I know I still have two more memories to post, along with my lovely anniversary trip to Amelia Island that A and I took last weekend. It’ll all get on here some time. I’ve decided to patiently ride the wave of the summer, which is to lie back and roll with it.

Speaking of summer…it is the perfect time for some house cleaning and head cleaning. I don’t usually have time for spring cleaning, so I’ve taken on summer cleaning and life weeding. First, A and I are actually (REALLY) working on our little house. We haven’t made any major changes yet, for the exception of throwing out the UGLY black stand lamp in our living room and replacing it with two lovely red IKEA lamps complete with side tables. We have priced out the rest of the home improvements. This includes new pergo floors throughout, new counter and cabinets for the kitchen, and finishing up the full bath in the master bedroom. Vacation money (and time) will be well spent! I feel so grown-up spending money on the house and not on a vacation to Mexico! (Although, part of me can really use that vacation!)

As for head cleaning, I am just trying to go through both personal life and work to tidy up. I’m trying to straighten out my priorities and put things into perspective. I comb through the people in my life and figure out how I can make more effort in my most important relationships (and, unfortunately, not waste my time with others). I think it is a great exercise to go through once a year and really refreshing. Having too much clutter in my life- physically and mentally- is really draining and makes me unhappy. I feel spread too thin, and no one including me benefits from this.

Well, that is what is going on lately. Nothing exciting, but things that really have to be done. I guess part of growing up is figuring out who and what are most important and what makes me happy. It is so simple, but in reality is very hard to sit down and analyze, or even remember that we should be doing it.


2 thoughts on “Catching UP and Cleaning UP

  1. Congrats on the cleaning. Both physical and mental are difficult to really tackle well. Now of course I’m worried about which pile of relationships I’ll end up in, but it will be good motivation for me to be better about staying in touch. I looked up Amelia Island – I’m sure you guys had a great time. I send my support to your summer cleaning!

  2. No worries! You are a friend-for-life 😉 We can not talk for years and I’ll always be happy to catch up. Thanks for the support!

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