Work-cation 2009

After much thought A and I decided to spend our hard earned vacation time and bonus money on fixing up our home. Although I’m still debating whether this was a great idea since I LOVE my vacations, I am so happy that we’ve finally made some personal dent to our house. We bought this house three years ago (can’t believe it’s been that long) and we had yet to do any of the renovations we had planned. Yes, it isn’t the biggest or best house. Yes, we still feel like we’re playing grown-up at times since the size of this home is smaller than our first apartment. However, we did what we could in a tough housing market for buyers. Who knew that a year later we could have afforded so much more? Oh well, that is how the cookie crumbles!

Back to the work-cation…our goals were big. We wanted to tackle all the floors by pulling out carpet and laminate and replacing them with pergo. We also wanted to redo our whole kitchen- new cabinets and counters. Of course, we did not complete it all. I have no idea what we were thinking.

We spent a good month prior to our work-cation searching and pricing out everything. Our house is a VERY average house and needs to be upgraded to sell to a future average middle class couple/family (or renter-friendly). This means nothing fancy like granite or hardwood, but clean and contemporary. This was the most difficult part for me- breaking away from my personal taste and thinking what will make this house sell in the future. After all our research, we discovered IKEA to be the best bang for our buck. One advantage was that is was very inexpensive especially for the quality (and middle-grade was all we needed). Also, it is all made for the homeowner to install him or herself.

The week went pretty smoothly for the exception of a few set-backs, which is always to be expected. We did break a kitchen pipe, leading to water all over the kitchen floor and the cost for a plumber to come out and fix it. There were a few electrical incidences when putting up cabinets, with no trips to the hospital or visits from fire trucks. All in all, a completely smooth week.

I must say that although I don’t feel well rested to start another year of work, I am very happy with the results. The house is starting to really feel like our own. It may not be our exact taste, but it is a much cleaner and brighter living space than before. We were able to completely finish the living room and kitchen with only a little bit of painting left to do.

Here are the results (and excuse the mess since I took the “before pics” after we already started renovating):




After- New clean white cabinets, and gray plastic  laminte and wood counters with metal edging. Still need hardware!




After- Nice new pergo floors! Still need artwork on the walls (which I will tackle myself soon).


6 thoughts on “Work-cation 2009

  1. Wow! I am insanely impressed with how much you got done. It looks great! Giant projects like that are so hard for me to get motivated to start. I face those issues with the backyard. There are so many things I want to do that it feels overwhelming. Again, super impressed with what you got done, and the final results.

  2. KBD- Thanks for the links! I enjoyed reading them and that one couple really had an amazing house to work with! Oh! And, we miss you both too!

    S- Can’t wait to see you all in O-town! Figs doesn’t mind except when he tries to run. He has no traction and kind of flies all over the place.

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