10 weeks

This week I’m at 10 weeks…which means that in a few more weeks I’ll be out of the first trimester. All I can say is that I am very much ready for this trimester to be OVER! I’m still feeling a bit queasy most days. I’m also having terrible sinus headaches and back aches (already!). I try to tell myself it could be worse (and I’m sure it can be) but it is hard to keep the complaining to a minimum. Poor A! He’s been such a good sport! He has been a trooper taking on more responsibility around the house and giving me frequent back rubs. It’s nice to be looked after!

We also did our hospital visits this week since we are hospital shopping. It was pretty funny because all the other moms were very close to their due dates, so they were all sporting proud bellies. I, on the other hand, have no real belly yet, but was walking around with all the moms looking at delivery rooms. They go over some of what happens, which I won’t lie, freaked me out a little bit. I’m still not fully prepared mentally for everything that is going to happen in seven months. It’s all a little scary and nerve-wracking. Hey! At least I chose a REALLY nice hospital- one that almost looks like a hotel!

Here is me at 10 weeks:

Like the past few weeks, there is really no change yet. It’s funny because I feel the change- bloaty, achy, fat- but no one else notices them. The little one is the size of a prune this week. The bones and cartilage are developing and the elbows are already starting to move! If we’re having a boy, he is producing testosterone. Ha ha! But, since we’re not going to find out, we won’t know until May! A and I are taking our guesses now.


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