12 weeks (almost 13 now!)

I’ve been trying to post this ALL week, but for some reason WordPress was not cooperating. So, I’m a bit late. I’m almost done with my 12 weeks, which means I am out of my first trimester! Thank goodness! My body must be on target with everything because today I have felt tremendously better- less nauseous, not as fatigued, less cramps. My only problem now is that I have these horrible sinus headaches that can keep me up most nights. I’m hoping acupuncture may help, so I have a consultation appointment next week. I’m looking forward to having some relief and a good night’s sleep.

My appetite is mostly back, with the exception of a few items. I still have my “cravings” too. I eat strawberries almost all day long, which isn’t good because strawberry season is over and they are getting more expensive and more difficult to buy. I also LOVE sourdough toast and Yoplait yogurt. If I had my way, these are the things I would eat all day long.

Emotionally I’ve been up and down….something that the baby book says is normal. Also, I think with the little one coming, it makes you more introspective and have a sudden need to be sure your whole life is in place. However, you then realize, “Wait! My life is pure chaos and not in any order!” We’re not in the house we want (or have it fixed), or making the money we need, or in the area we want to raise our child…what are we to do? And this is where we insert a panic attack frosted with mild depression. *Sigh*

On that note, here are the 12 week photos:

As you can see, the pudge seemed to disappear this week. So I guess it was just my dinner left in my stomach last week. There is no real change yet. I’m not looking forward to getting big and round, but at the same time it would be nice to have some visible sign that there is something going on. At 12 weeks the baby is still growing- about the size of a large plum. (You would think this would make my stomach look a little larger!) The baby’s systems are mostly formed and are now beginning to mature.  Happy First Trimester, baby! We hopefully get to see a picture of you on Monday and get good news that you are healthy!


3 thoughts on “12 weeks (almost 13 now!)

  1. Congratulations on getting over the hump of first trimester blues. I believe the hardest part of pregnancy is the first trimester and last trimester. You’re almost there.

    Acupuncture may or may not help. It does not hurt to try. It sounds like you may need more sleep during the day. Really, cat naps are a blessing during pregnancy. Your headaches may be due to lack of sleep and stress. It’s not easy carrying a baby.

    If you ever need help, just let me know.

    Love you. Miss you.

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