15 weeks- really!

So, it may look like I slacked but I really didn’t. I was just trying to catch up. As I mentioned in the last post, I was actually a week ahead of where I really should be, but now I’m officially back on track. I just ended week 15. WEEK 15!!! Can you believe it? I can’t seem to grasp at how fast it seems to be going. Five more weeks and I’ll be at the half way point- exciting and scary all at the same time.

Physically, I’ve been feeling pretty great still. In the past few days my appetite has come back in full force. Just last week I was getting worried because I really wasn’t hungry at all. Now, I seem to be wanting a snack every hour or two. The baby must be growing! My cravings also seem to change. I still constantly want strawberries and fruit, but now I want sub sandwiches and taco bell. Interesting, right? This baby’s taste buds are all over the place!

Sleeping has still been difficult. I thought I would hit the “uncomfortable” sleep at the third trimester, but it seems to have hit early. Thank God for my body pillow! What a life saver!

Emotionally, I’ve been…well…not exactlyt normal. I know one is supposed to be hormonal, but it is a strange hormonal. For instance, something or someone seems to do something annoying or pretty crappy. Normally, I’d get upset but after a half an hour or so I am able to shrug it off with a “people can be stupid” and move on. Now, the same situation (which is still pretty crappy…hormonal or not) just makes me mad and I continue to get even angrier every hour. That is where the hormonal part comes in- the inability to get over something. Other than that, I feel pretty good.

Here are 15 week pics:


I don’t think I really look pregnant yet. I just look fat! People who know me pretty well can immediately see the difference. Others I think just believe I’ve gained a beer belly. I’m pretty small to begin with, so the little amount I have gained seems to really make a difference. I definitely FEEL it, if anything!

The baby seems to continue to grow stronger and more into a real little person! At 15 weeks the baby is the size of a navel orange, with ears and moving eyes. He/ She even has some muscle coordination to wiggle, kick and suck his or her thumb. He/She is making breathing movements and swallows. I don’t believe I have felt the baby move yet. There have been a few moments where I wondered if that little twinge was something, but to be honest, I couldn’t tell. It seems that most people start to feel the baby around week 18, so I still have some time.

We have another doctor appointment tomorrow for some more blood work. I think the next appointment after that will be another ultrasound. We can finally know if it is a girl or boy…but we haven’t changed our minds about being surprised!


13 and 14 weeks

I have slacked off a week…I know. I was under the weather and fighting a sinus infection. However, I’m so much better now (no more headaches!). It’s been a busy two weeks. We had our first ultrasound last week and that was pretty amazing. We were a little speechless and kind of in awe, letting the whole thing still soak in that there is this little being inside. I think the OB tech was disappointed she didn’t get the typical excited reaction filled with tears and overwhelming comments. We were both, well, just quiet. I mean, we’re not super excitable people to begin with, but the whole thing just put us in a state of shock. However, we are VERY happy to see that something is there and even happier to know that the baby is healthy with a very strong heartbeat. It has two arms, two legs, one head, and the proper amount of fingers and toes. All good! We did learn that my week-counting has been a week off. I was actually a week ahead. We are NOW at 14 weeks and at the start of the second trimester.

I feel so much better already! The queasiness has eased off and I have no terrible food aversions. The issue I had with smells has also lightened up for me. I learned my terrible headaches and sinus pressure was due to a bad sinus infection, and with a little help from an antibiotic it is all gone. The only struggle I’m having is with sleep. I went from sleeping all the time to a strange insomnia. Perhaps this will come and go like all the other symptoms.

As for physical changes…a little belly has arrived. I’m still getting used to it all. I understand that I’m creating a baby and my body HAS to get bigger. I have no problems with this. The problem has to do with how fast it changes. My clothes (for the most part) fit last week and now this week I have to keep my pants unbuttoned. I bought my first two pregnancy items- a B-band (to cover the unbuttoned pants) and a pair of stretch pants. Thank the fashion gods that black leggings are back in style! Funny thing is, I don’t think I actually eat that much more. I always thought you ate a ton while pregnant because you’re hungrier. I’m actually eating more often, but get fuller faster. I can barely finish a plate when I sit down for a meal since I’m just too full.

13 week pics:


14 week pics:


And ultrasound at 13 weeks: