15 weeks- really!

So, it may look like I slacked but I really didn’t. I was just trying to catch up. As I mentioned in the last post, I was actually a week ahead of where I really should be, but now I’m officially back on track. I just ended week 15. WEEK 15!!! Can you believe it? I can’t seem to grasp at how fast it seems to be going. Five more weeks and I’ll be at the half way point- exciting and scary all at the same time.

Physically, I’ve been feeling pretty great still. In the past few days my appetite has come back in full force. Just last week I was getting worried because I really wasn’t hungry at all. Now, I seem to be wanting a snack every hour or two. The baby must be growing! My cravings also seem to change. I still constantly want strawberries and fruit, but now I want sub sandwiches and taco bell. Interesting, right? This baby’s taste buds are all over the place!

Sleeping has still been difficult. I thought I would hit the “uncomfortable” sleep at the third trimester, but it seems to have hit early. Thank God for my body pillow! What a life saver!

Emotionally, I’ve been…well…not exactlyt normal. I know one is supposed to be hormonal, but it is a strange hormonal. For instance, something or someone seems to do something annoying or pretty crappy. Normally, I’d get upset but after a half an hour or so I am able to shrug it off with a “people can be stupid” and move on. Now, the same situation (which is still pretty crappy…hormonal or not) just makes me mad and I continue to get even angrier every hour. That is where the hormonal part comes in- the inability to get over something. Other than that, I feel pretty good.

Here are 15 week pics:


I don’t think I really look pregnant yet. I just look fat! People who know me pretty well can immediately see the difference. Others I think just believe I’ve gained a beer belly. I’m pretty small to begin with, so the little amount I have gained seems to really make a difference. I definitely FEEL it, if anything!

The baby seems to continue to grow stronger and more into a real little person! At 15 weeks the baby is the size of a navel orange, with ears and moving eyes. He/ She even has some muscle coordination to wiggle, kick and suck his or her thumb. He/She is making breathing movements and swallows. I don’t believe I have felt the baby move yet. There have been a few moments where I wondered if that little twinge was something, but to be honest, I couldn’t tell. It seems that most people start to feel the baby around week 18, so I still have some time.

We have another doctor appointment tomorrow for some more blood work. I think the next appointment after that will be another ultrasound. We can finally know if it is a girl or boy…but we haven’t changed our minds about being surprised!


5 thoughts on “15 weeks- really!

  1. Hooray, a new post! Still looking good mamacita. Glad you are still feeling great, and are now eating well, just in time for Thanksgiving. Hope you guys have a great holiday!

  2. You look great Deborah. I can see that you are wearing maternity pants. You should not be ashamed, instead,you should be proud. I should have mentioned a body pillow to you a long time ago, sorry. Body pillows were my favorite and still til this day. I cannot sleep without one. Oh how I miss being pregnant. I believe I felt the baby kick around 15-18 weeks. Sometimes you think its gas moving around your stomach, but it could actually be the baby kicking. Alex was a strong kicker and still til this day everyone comments at how strong his legs are.

    You should feel great until you hit third trimester. When you hit the last trimester you will wish your pregnancy is over. Trust me though, enjoy being pregnant. I miss it very much. I loved having a big stomach and having someone grow inside me and kick. It was truly an awsome feeling.

    You really look great. How much weight have you gained? I think total I gained 25 pounds.

    When will you be making your list for baby items. Since I can’t fly out to Florida for a baby shower, I would love to provide you with baby items. Hope you post your baby items up soon. Will you be registering at Babies R’ Us?

    Hope you stay healthy and will be praying for you. I always have you, baby, your parents, and Aaron on my mind. Love you.

  3. Thanks ladies!
    Gina-It may look like I’m in preggo pants but acutally it is still my regular jeans with a little belly band to hide that they’re unbuttoned 😉 I’ve gained about 3-4 pounds…all in the belly, sides and butt. The places women LOVE to gain weight! LOL!
    Shannon- Can’t wait to see you in a couple weeks!
    Mel- Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

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