20 and 21 weeks

So what happened to week 19? Who knows!

According to the obgyn and the second ultrasound, I’m back at 20 weeks. Strange that a week just disappeared! (I’m glad to know I was right to begin with though.)

Anyway, the last two weeks have been fun and busy as expected for the holiday season. We continue to work and plan our lives out for 2010, which could bring some positive changes for our little family. Christmas came and went without a hitch. It was a nice and relaxing one, and A and I did enjoy our last Christmas of “just the two of us.” We’re both excited about next Christmas too, but it was nice to have one last one as a couple.

The more I think about a little one added to our family, the more freaked out I get. Not in a bad way…well, maybe a small panic attack or two. But, really more in amazement that this person that will enter our lives in May is a PART of this family (in that they will be always be here and not just visiting). It’s a pretty big thing to think about and wrap your head around. I also feel so much closer to A in a way that I can’t describe. You almost just have to be there. I can’t choose a better partner in all of this and I know that the support I have from him is unconditional. So enough cheese…

Pregnancy is still going well. I feel great for the most part. Sleeping through the night is still a problem and sometimes I actually forget I’m pregnant for a second, which then causes me to move in a way that my body and baby don’t approve of. I’m still not used to having a belly in front of me. I look at myself in the mirror and just stare at it. Every time it looks huge and then I look at the picture the week before and realize that I wasn’t that big, but now I’m bigger. I think this trend will continue until May. I also didn’t realize how hard it was to give up control over a body you are so used to keeping in check. It’s really difficult! However, I am fortunate that this has not been difficult…yet. Food cravings are still about the same, but now the sweet tooth has kicked into high gear. If it was up to me, I’d eat a piece of cake every day! However, I have been good and not doing that (tempting as it is).

Week 20:


21 weeks:


As you can see, baby is growing! We learned at the last ultrasound that she or he is not quite a pound yet. The obgyn knows the sex of the baby, but we still do not. A and I have a guess, but no real info to back it up. I also learned that little peep is quite the mover and shaker. He or she was very cooperative for the photo session, moving and posing the way s/he should. The tech and the doctor were a little surprised at how much this baby moves (kicking, rolling, punching, etc.). Doctor said it was all quite healthy and nothing for us to worry. (Yeah right! I wonder if this means we’ve got a restless child on our hands!) S/he just likes to remind me that s/he is with us at all times! A has been able to really feel the baby move too, which has been exciting.

According to the books, the baby is about the size of a large banana all curled up inside. S/he can actually taste everything I eat now, so I’ve been making sure to eat extra veggies and fruit. According to my book, it can help the baby have a taste for them later and I will be very happy to have a child who is not a picky eater! The baby’s movements are now more deliberate and not just twitches. Arms and legs are in proportion and the neurons are connecting. Still all pretty amazing to know what is going on!

We’re half way through! I can’t believe it!


18 weeks

So…I’ve dropped the ball. Yes, I missed a couple of weeks and I’m still confused as to which week I’m actually in. According to the doctors I am in my 18th week. BUT, according to my calendar I’m in my 19th week. Who knows? I guess a week doesn’t really matter that much.

The past few weeks have been a bit busy. We had Thanksgiving, put in a new back splash in the kitchen, tied up work “stuff” for the year, and A graduated with his MBA (YAY!!). This was all smashed in since the last time I posted. I know, there really are no excuses except I did get lazy.

Things with little peep are still going well. I’m still feeling great for being in the second trimester. I’m still having sleeping issues because of my back and leg cramps. I’m still eating little bits through the day and wanting fruit whenever I can.  The baby is officially kicking and punching and rollling…giving mom some not so comfortable moments. A has felt the baby move too and we both get a kick out of the whole thing. My food cravings change on a weekly basis. This week it’s still fruit and sandwiches, but also turkey burgers and noodles!

Here are the most current pics:


As you can see the belly is starting to pop out! I can’t button my jeans even a little and even my tops are starting to stretch. This week (we’ll go with 18 weeks for now) the baby is about 5.5 inches long and 5 ounces. He/she can yawn and hiccup, and even has his/ her own fingerprints! We have our next doctors appointment next Monday, complete with ultrasound. We can officially find out if the baby is a boy or girl, but our feelings on not knowing are still the same. Hopefully nothing will show when we see the pics!