25 Weeks

Another week!

The baby and I are both doing fine. There really isn’t any new change this week. I’m still feeling good, sleeping less, and anxiety filled. Baby may be going through another growth spurt because I’m a bit more tired than normal and seem to always be hungry!

I bought some more maternity clothes. Now I’m actually comfortable! There is plenty of room for little peep to roll and kick and make mommy generally uncomfortable at times¬†ūüėČ

My camera broke over the weekend, so the pictures now look a little different from the iPhone. Week 25 pics:


Per baby book, little peep is still growing- a whopping 1.5 pounds and 9 inches in length.¬†S/He continues to develop capillaries, and her/his lungs are getting stronger and preparing to take that first breath of air. Little peep also has developed vocal chords! I can’t wait to see if s/he has a strong singing¬†voice like her/his daddy! Just another week before we’re into the third trimester. Can you believe it? I can’t. Not too much longer now!


Whoa baby! 24 weeks!

I’ve left you all hanging for a few weeks, but honestly there was no real significant changes until lately. Roll that in with a¬†week-sales meeting in Dallas and the start of school (which is super-busy time for me at work) and you get this late entry.

Let’s reflect back a bit before I show how huge I’ve gotten (and yes, I feel officially like a whale now). 2009 was a great year where A and I were able to not only get some home improvements going, but had no REAL big changes…besides baby of course. I guess what I mean is that 1) we didn’t move, 2) we didn’t switch jobs, 3) we never took any kind¬†of real vacation, and 4) we didn’t make a big purchase of any kind. The baby I count as significant change for 2010. This past year was actually a pretty quiet year. I’m glad since I know this year will be the complete opposite with some things already in process.

I’ve still been feeling pretty well. It has all been by the book. If the What to Expect book says it is going to happen, 99% of the time it’s happened. The only problems lately have been sleeping and back aches, which I only expect to get worse. However, there really isn’t much to complain about since it’s been easy compared to what most women have to deal with. I finally have had to buy maternity clothes. This has been more challenging than expected since I’m at this wierd size. I’m too big for my current clothes but the maternity clothes don’t quite fit correctly. I mean, my belly fits but the rest of it just doesn’t quite fill out. The belly band has still been my best friend, along with stretch pants and loose tunic-type tops. I’m still eating the same. That hasn’t changed too much. I might snack a bit more lately and found my stomach growls more often and more loudly. Nothing a bowl of cereal or a piece of toast can’t cure. My sweet tooth has kicked up into high gear with constant cake cravings and smoothie cravings. I indulge a little…why not right?

I also now talk to the baby all the time. Most of it is to apologize for my yelling at bad drivers, but other than that I check-in with little peep most of the day. I know now s/he can hear our voices and all noises that are going on inside an outside of me. I have noticed that s/he will kick and roll more with loud tv, movies, and music. It is all wierd and fascinating still.

We’re almost through with the second trimester. I can’t believe how fast it has gone! Here are the latest pics:

24 weeks


I’ve gained about 15 pounds, which means I’m right where I’m supposed to be. My crazy control freak self is trying really hard to accept this weight gain since I am growing a whole person inside me, but it is still hard to look at myself in the mirror and recognize me. It sounds so trite and superficial (it is really) but I’ve been so used to a particular weight that I just get astonished by it and look forward to the day I can go to the gym and get my body back.

The baby should be about 1.5 of that. He or she is about 8.5 inches so s/he is getting bigger! Little peep is still moving like crazy, making it slightly uncomfortable at times. S/he is starting to gain baby fat and the baby’s organs, bones and muscles are also growing. Little peep has almost fully formed facial features and a touch of hair, so it already may look like A or myself. We’re so curious!