38 weeks and counting- FULL TERM!

Any day now…that is the waiting game that we’re playing in this house!

It’s been an interesting few weeks. I’ve finished closing stuff down at work and baby’s room is officially done. The car seat is in and the hospital bags are semi-packed. We just need a baby now!

I’ve been feeling overall not terrible. I wouldn’t say great, but not terrible. This past weekend was probably the worst of it since I had some false labor contractions. At least, that’s what I think they were. Each time there is a new ache or pain, I’m always asking myself, “Is this is? Is this what a contraction is supposed to feel like?” Then I tell myself that if I have to ask that it probably isn’t. However, if you look up what others say about what contractions feel like (yes, I’m the dork that googles “labor contraction symptoms”) then you find out that they feel different to everyone. Some find it painful while others just find it REALLY uncomfortable. So, who knows? I’m going to guess that my pains yesterday were labor contractions, but not the real things since they were very inconsistent.

As for everything else, I waddle now and have a hard time sitting still. No position is comfortable what so ever. I am extra whiny about things- but, I feel that since I haven’t really complained once this whole pregnancy I am allowed my occasional gripe now.

Here are the latest pics:


Baby is officially ready to go (as you can see, so am I)! S/he should be weighing in at about 6.5-7 pounds. S/he still moves, more squirming than actual full kicks since there isn’t much room in there. I have officially dropped and about 1 cm dilated as of Friday. However, with all the contractions I had this weekend I guess there is a possibility it could be more. Now we just wait for this little one to make his/ her arrival!


2 thoughts on “38 weeks and counting- FULL TERM!

  1. Lil peep looks ready to go! I check my phone more often than normal in case I get the ‘it’s a go!’ text from Aaron…so you all are definitely in my thoughts! Hope s/he gets here already to cut down on your discomfort, but more importantly so we can see your kid finally and find out the name! xoxo

  2. You seem like you’re very ready to have this baby. You are very lucky to have such a happy, healthy pregnancy. We can’t wait for this little one to come out. It really does seem like your pregnancy flew by. I can’t believe that you are almost ready to have this little bundle of joy. We are incredibly happy for you guys. You look beautiful as always and yes, you deserve to complain. You’ve carried a baby for ten months! Congrats Deborah Ahnie!!!

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