Ruby, Ruby, Ruby

She’s finally here!!

I know it’s been three weeks since our little miss Ruby was born, but it is hard to find time when you have an infant needing your attention. However, I wanted to be sure I blogged about the day she was born and the three weeks after.

Let’s start at the beginning. My labor story is not horrible, but it wasn’t a breeze either. I’m not sure how to retell it, but perhaps a timeline format will work:


11:30 pm- First start feeling contractions. However, I was told by A to wait and just go to bed, which I attempted to do.


2:00 am- Left for the hospital since the contractions were about 5-7 min apart.

2:30 am- At the hospital, 2 cm dilated and waiting in a hospital room to be admitted.

4:00 am- Officially admitted into the hospital, 3 cm dilated.

5:00 am- Get the much needed epidural! It was a LIFE SAVER! I didn’t feel a thing 😉

5-noon- Just waited, and waited, and waited…

Noon- Fully dilated and waiting to push!

Noon-4:00 pm- Some pushing, some waiting, some more pushing, some pain-killer issues, and more pushing…

4:00 pm- Started really pushing.

7:39 pm- Little girl makes her grand entrance!


Ruby Sun Harden
April 28, 2010
7:39 pm
6 lbs. 12 oz
19 in

So, that is the labor tale in a nut shell. There is much more in between, but you can just ask me about them if you need to know. All I can say is that it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be, but it could have been much easier. There are definitely things I’ll remember for the next time (if there is one…to early to decide)! We were VERY glad to wait to find out if she was a girl. I don’t regret that decision one bit. As for the pregnancy, part of me is glad to have some control of my body back but a small part of me is sad that this little being isn’t with me all the time. Now that I have a face to put to the little kicks and turns I was feeling in my belly, I realize that she had been with me for a while now. It’s a pretty amazing feeling!

A quick bit of info about where her name came from. A and I had decided on Ruby months ago. I had chosen the name from a Kaiser Chiefs song I had heard on the radio, and it just stuck with me. It was really one of the few names A and I could agree on. Her middle name- Sun- is Korean and means “goodness.” Yes, I did first get it from LOST (cheesy, I know), but I wanted her to have a name that reminded her that she was part Korean and I really did like the meaning. She fits her name and I know any other name would just not have been for her.

So now, nine months later little Ruby Roo has arrived and is now officially part of the Harden household. She has turned us all upside down- in a good way of course. We don’t get much sleep anymore (a given). Our lives are slowly adjusting to being completely absorbed by her. We are just entertained by staring at her and all her funny gestures and faces that she makes. As cliché as it sounds, we are in awe that we created this being and still can’t believe it.

She really doesn’t do much. She is probably awake (not crying or not eating) only about an hour or two a day. She is a VERY good sleeper, which A and I are thankful for. She sleeps through the night (not including her feeding breaks) and really doesn’t fuss too much. Trust me, she has her moments where we feel completely helpless as to what is causing her sad screaming. However, we know we will get through it all and figure out what needs to get done. The most challenging thing really has been breastfeeding. I have a whole other blog entry on that, so I’ll save what I have to say for later.

She is now three weeks and it makes me just a little sad to know she is getting so big so fast (again cliché but so true). She has gained weight and is taller (about 8 lbs now and 21 in long). I have a feeling she is going to take after her father when it comes to height. It wasn’t until I had her that I now understand the idea of savoring every moment. Time really does fly!



4 thoughts on “Ruby, Ruby, Ruby

  1. Welcome Ruby to the blogosphere! You know, times like this make me really appreciate e-communications – I did love talking to you to hear the latest and prefer that of course, but this is another way to hear and see the latest as little miss grows…and to have a log of it all! Oh Ruby, you are such a little darling!

  2. Oh sweet girl! I miss her already!! And she is getting so big so fast! Enjoy every minute of staring at that little face – she’ll be running around everywhere before you know it!
    Much love to one of my favorite fam’s! Can’t wait to see you guys again!

  3. Ahh ha! Thank you for explaining the origin of her name. I love it!!! I never thought of the Kaiser Chiefs song… I always thought of Ruby Soho by Rancid! But now that I think of it when I told Jon you had your baby that was the first song he started singing… 🙂

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