Snapshot…8 weeks




Six Weeks

I can’t believe my little girl is almost at the two month mark! Where did the time go?

Miss Ruby has been growing up so fast before our eyes. It is absolutely amazing to see all the changes that have been happening. So many parents have told us how fast kids grow and to enjoy every minute of it, but it is hard to really understand until it happens in your own little family. She really does change and grow quickly.


So, what is Ruby like at six weeks? First, she looks so different from her first week at home. She lost all the swelling in her face and her features are starting to really show themselves. She’s also taller and bigger! The last time she was weighed (about three weeks ago), she was 8 lbs and 4 oz. She is probably closer to 9 lbs now. My little girl is getting so big!! I’m going to be sad the day I can’t hold and cuddle her completely in both arms.


She’s also been hitting all her development marks (and believe me, her mommy and daddy are keeping track). She can see very well. She loves to stare out the window, in her little mirror on her tummy time mat, and loves to watch Elmo on Sesame Street. She can follow our voices when we talk to her and read to her, and she even watches the itsy-bitsy spider go up the water-spout when we sing it to her. (She loves that song!) She is starting to smile a little more, which brings tears to our eyes because it is just so cute. Ruby can also lift and turn her head when on her tummy, and can scoot a little on her stomach. However, she does get frustrated easily. She is also starting to “coo” a bit, which makes it fun to have baby conversations with her.


We’ve been slowly adjusting to life as parents. We are fortunate to have a girl who can sleep long stretches at night. Even when she is up or when we put her down after a night feeding, she is kind enough to not cry and put herself back to sleep. One interesting thing is that she LOVES her music! She can’t sleep and stay asleep without her little nano playing. (I know, this kid already has her own iPod. But, there was an extra thanks to my mom.) We have a constant play list going all night and she just really likes it. Curious as to what this little girl listens to? She has the Rock-a-Bye Baby Smashing Pumpkins and Beach Boys lullabies, Baby Einstein Mozart, and a baby mix put together by her parents (which includes Coldplay, Joshua Radin, James Taylor, Smashing Pumpkins, Keane, Jack Johnson, Bob Marley, Feist, Jeff Buckley, Sigur Ros, The Cure, etc.) If you know us, you probably can figure out who chose each artist.

So this adventure continues, and although we’re always tired and at times frustrated, we’re enjoying the ride! I’m sure there is going to be more to report in the next few weeks. I’ll be sure to update again soon!