What? There’s a life besides baby?

A and I never wanted to be those people who have nothing else to talk about besides their kid. But, guess what? We ARE those people. Don’t worry people! I’ve noticed it! No one needs to tell me that all I seem to talk about is my child, how tired I am, breastfeeding, infant sleep patterns, etc. I mean, look at this blog? Is there the word “Ruby” or “baby” anywhere in the title? Nope.

However, I do have an excuse. I seriously have had NO LIFE besides Ruby since she was born. What have I done that hasn’t been Ruby-related? Nothing. Where have I gone that hasn’t been Ruby-related? Nowhere. My whole little world has revolved around her. I’m not complaining. I think it’s just the nature of having a little one at home now. However, my fingers are crossed that my life does begin to branch out a bit more.

I’m back to work this week, which has been challenging. I am amazed at how I can really organize my day and cram in every minute with something to do. There is no such thing as naps or down time when there are emails to check and paper work to catch up on (or blogs to keep up with). It hasn’t been fun…not that it was expected. It makes me envy stay-at-home mothers or rich people who have a live-in nanny.

Miss Ruby had her first set of shots this week.

So sad!! We discussed the possibility of spreading out her shots with our trusted doctor, but he convinced us that it was perfectly fine to keep her to the recommended schedule. I’m actually a little thankful we did since I’m not sure our poor girl (or her parents) could have handled spreading them out. She took the shots like a big girl, crying only for a few minutes once they poked her. It broke our hearts just a little to see our baby scream and turn red. However, she fell fast asleep. It wasn’t until she really woke up hours later did she start screaming (again) because of the discomfort in her leg. Tylenol helped, thankfully.

Her stats for her 8 week check up:
weight- 10 lbs, 1/2 oz.
height- 22 in.

However, she is nine weeks this week.


As you can see, Ruby loves to pose for the camera! Not much has changed except she really is able to pick up her head fully while on her stomach and hold it up for a few minutes! I am so proud!! She also smiles so much more these days and we think (knock on wood) that her fussy crying is diminishing for the most part. She seems to be able to stay awake without crying for longer periods of time. If she does cry, we’ve noticed it’s because she is hungry or tired (normal for a baby), not so much out of boredom. She’s over all a pretty laid back kid now. She loves ceiling fans. I mean, really loves them. She smiles and laughs for the ceiling fan more than for us. She is also entertained by all the cooking shows that I have on during the day. Her favorites are Giada and Nigella. I think she enjoys their voices. I’m hoping by the time she is five she’ll be able to cook us dinner!

Awhile ago I gave myself a mini-photo project. I took one picture a day that seemed to capture the moment of that day. I think I’m going to do this again since I had a good time with it. We’ll see!