One, Two, Three, Four Months and Teeth

Four months! My little R is four months!

Each month has been amazing, but month number four has been a fun one. She is officially no longer an infant and in full-on baby mode. She can now roll over, which she does constantly. She loves to smile and babble to everyone…or no one. She does the actual “gaga googoo” and lots of “aaahhhhohhhh.” At 5am A and I are usually greeted by happy talk and squeals through the baby monitor. She is an excellent sleeper. We are very fortunate that our little girl sleeps through the night, and even when she does wake up at 5 am she can happily entertain herself until we get up.

Some other new developments are that she drools and chews on anything she can get her hands on…which now includes her feet! My little monkey is fascinated by her feet, and so much so she puts them in her mouth. And, as you can guess, all the drooling and chewing is because she is teething. TEETHING!! I type it with exclamation and shock because this is very early. Most books say that babies may begin getting symptoms now to only teeth at six to eight months. Nope! Not my little girl! Two little white teeth have popped out, with one more coming in the bottom and two more coming in at the top. I say “What???” She is going to have a good set of pearly whites by the time she is one! Yikes!

R likes to kick a lot and loves to stand! I’m wondering if she’ll be walking before crawling, which most kids I guess do these days. Her legs are VERY strong, and I do remember the painful kicks when she was in the belly. She also enjoys her books…reading them and chewing on them.


She had her second dose of shots and her four-month check-up. She is on track and ahead! (Of course she’s ahead since she’s our kid! Wink, Wink). She is now 24 inches long and 13 pounds. She is about in the middle for height and weight, but her head is giant according to the chart. No wonder she is such a bobble head! She also had her first injury…caused by mom. Sorry R! We had a little nail-cutting incident. It was bound to happen with a wiggly child and those teeny, tiny nails.


R also had her first plane ride. We went out to California for my cousin’s wedding and to show her off to the family. She did very well on the plane. I think I was more stressed out than she was. It was amazing how many items one tiny little person needs. We kept looking around us on the plane and saying there was a baby explosion. Seriously! Bottles, diapers, blankets, toys…it was just everywhere. All told, she was a great traveler. She only had one meltdown each way on the plane, and it was right before we actually took off. We also didn’t have any trouble adjusting her to the time difference. She went to sleep when she needed and woke up when she usually did.

As for us, we’re doing well and surviving. Our life is still all baby, and I have a feeling it will be that way for a while. It’s either work, baby, or sleep. A’s 30th birthday is just around the corner, and we are taking a mini-getaway for it- R free of course. Although I’m looking forward to a little rest and relaxation, I’m already missing my girl and we haven’t even left yet.