10 months

My baby is now officially a  mini-kid. Seriously! She is tall and very mobile. But, before we discuss all of her most recent milestones let us go back a few months. I know Ruby will someday tell me how disappointed she is that I missed all the months in between 6 and 10. Well, I can say they were wonderful and I have the pictures to prove it. Not all of them on her blog, but I’ve got them!

Baby bath time

Let’s start back in December. Ruby’s first Christmas was fun for all of us! The holidays are so much more fun when there is a kid around. A and I enjoyed planning all the details from the meals to the stockings. It is not surprising that Miss Ruby basically won Christmas. She had the most gifts under the tree, which just shows how much she is loved by everyone. Santa also brought her a few books, bath toys, and her favorite puffs.

Christmas 2010 First Christmas

She enjoyed all the Christmas lights and ripping the wrapping paper off her gifts.

Also during this time, Ruby learned to not only sit up on her own but do her army-style belly crawl. She first would move a little very slowly, building up that upper arm strength. Then, she got really good and really fast. Next thing we knew she was full on crawling by the end of January and hasn’t stopped moving since. It all was such a fast development that it makes me regret not having a blog entry. I don’t even remember the moment it happened…it just happened!  This has brought an end to her bounceroo since she would much prefer crawling all over the house. She can pull up on furniture (and toys and people and cats etc.) This will soon turn into standing alone and then walking.

Two Rubys 10 months

Ruby went to the beach for the first time. We did have a sand-eating incident, which she loved. She wasn’t a big fan of the water. She freaked out a bit, but we’ll try it again soon.

First Beach Visit

Ruby is now in daycare. SHE LOVES IT! I’m so relieved that she enjoys her daycare as it has made my life easier. I feel guilty (as I believe most parents do) that I can’t stay home with her and be sure she is learning all the things she needs to know, but I am happy to report that her daycare provides her plenty of intellectual stimulation.

Lastly, Ruby is our little dancer. The girl loves to dance! It has been my most favorite development so far. I’ve been trying to get it on video, but she has been uncooperative when the camera is whipped out. The best moments are the ones that are uncaptured.

Sea of Laundry

(NOTE: Ruby loves to play with clean laundry. She takes each piece out of the basket and tosses it all over the floor. It’s been a great way to keep her busy for a while!)


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