One year of Ruby

I know I’ve needed to blog this but I kept thinking that I need photos from her various parties (3 birthdays to be exact) in order to do so. Since we moved to Seattle last month, our life has been a bit out of sorts so we don’t quite have everything to hook up the camera and load up her pics. Then I thought, why? Why do I need those exact pictures of her birthday parties when the real celebration of my little Ruby girl is just her as she is?

My dear Ruby is now thirteen months. She is beautiful, funny, happy, intelligent, kind, and the best little girl her mommy and daddy could ask for. She lights up everyone around her. It’s hard not to smile! She enjoys saying hi to everyone and has learned the art of perfect baby kisses and hugs.

Ruby is now a walker! She takes many steps from place to place and is comfortable on her feet. She is in day care with slightly older toddlers, so I think she may have felt a little bit of toddler peer pressure. She still has a big smile and claps when she knows she’s walked a long distance. We’re so proud of her!

Ruby also loves to talk. She continues to babble in conversation form but now can say several words pretty clearly. She says: mama, dada, thank you, please (or “peas”), banana (or “nana”), Elmo (or “Melmo”), up, down, hi, bye bye, bubble, no-no, and yes. She can even sing the “Row Row” part in “Row, Row, Row your Boat” and loves to say “LMNO” when it’s time in the ABC song. It sounds more like “MNOMO” but we get it. She recognizes the letter A too.

She can put up one finger when you ask her how old she is, and she can point to her head when you ask her to.

She is also a fantastic eater. No seriously…this kid eats almost everything…HAPPILY! She loves fruit (especially bananas and strawberries), and even loves to suck on lemon slices. She eats all her veggies, but they have to be seasoned. I can’t think of one thing she doesn’t like! A and I feel very lucky.

Another thing is that Ruby is an excellent sleeper. She actually has been a great sleeper since a baby. She doesn’t fuss when you put her down for bed and she doesn’t fuss when she wakes up. She may not fall asleep right away, but we enjoy hearing her talking through the monitor to herself and her stuffed animals. She is a fan of her stuffed animals.

Ruby still loves music. She likes to dance when she hears some of her favorite tunes (and Taylor Swift is one of them). She likes to bang away at her piano, a gift from her Uncle Jacob and Aunt Katie.

All in all, our little Ruby is FABULOUS! We love her and can’t get enough of her. Even when I put her to bed, as exhausted as I am, I miss her and can’t wait to see her cute little face in the morning. Her daddy and I love being the ones to see her first thing in the morning.

Happy birthday little Ruby! You are the most wonderful little girl and we know the next year(s) will be the best of our lives.