22 Things I Love about You


1. I love how you read your books out loud.

2. I love your love for ice cream and shout “ice cream” when you know you are going to eat some.

3. I love the fact you love to jump.

4. I love that you still enjoy listening to Taylor Swift and can sing it to yourself.

5. I love how you want to do many things on your own.

6. I love how you try to taste everything before you decide whether you like it.

7. I love when you sing with your daddy as he plays guitar.

8. I love the funny face you make so I can laugh with you.

9. I love the fact you hate to wear tights and dresses.

10. I love that you sing “Twinkle, twinkle little star” by singing “Winkle, winkle little star.”

11. I love your adoration for anything alphabet.

12. I love that you love shoes.

13. I love your crazy hair in the morning.

14. I love your friendly “hellos” to every store check out person.

15. I love your quick baby wit.

16. I love your love of strawberries.

17. I love how you say “truck.”

18. I love how you call for momma or daddy in the morning.

19. I love your strange obsession with buses.

20. I love that you are a happy kid.

21. I love you.

22. I love that you are mine.