Ruby- 30 Months of Joy

My baby is no longer a baby! Miss Ruby is a full-fledged kid. She has changed so much and continues to become her own unique person every day.

Ruby strawberry picking

Since my last post (which has been awhile, I know), we celebrated Ruby’s second birthday. She had a CHOPPED birthday party where all her friends and family in Seattle had to create dishes using her favorite foods-┬áTrader Joe’s O’s Cereal, pepperoni, garbanzo beans, and apple sauce. It’s a strange combo but all the food was delicious and Ruby ate it up! Her Nina and I even made her a Mickey Mouse cake.

Untitled Birthday cake

Ruby has also been busy with family weddings. She was a flower girl in two weddings this year- her Uncle Jacob and Auntie Katie’s wedding AND her Auntie Anna and Uncle Matt’s wedding. She successfully completed her duties of walking down the aisle, with some help and ushering, of course.


Ruby is still a super active kid. She loves to climb on the playground, jump like a frog, run and chase her daddy, and dance to songs she knows. She still loves buses and trains, airplanes, trying to catch the moon, counting the stars, and talking to random people at the grocery store. Her favorite movies at the moment are Belle and the Beast (or Beauty and the Beast), Wall-E, and Monsters Inc. She can spend time on puzzles and really LOVES swimming! Swimming has to be her all-time favorite thing at the moment.

Untitled Untitled

She continues to really enjoy music. Some of the songs she (and her parents) listen to repeatedly are My Favorite Things and Do-Rae-Mi from the Sound of Music. She sings all these songs in the car, which her mommy and daddy both enjoy.


A big moment in her life this year was when she met her dream celebrity Mickey Mouse! I’ve never seen her so happy. She even met Donald Duck, Minnie Mouse, Pluto, and Goofy. That was a great day for all!


Ruby is very smart. She continues to learn more and more each day. She talks…a lot. She knows all the sounds the letters make, and every so often she’ll surprise us by reading a smaller word like dad, mom, or cat.


She knows who her family is and tells us “I Love You” without being prompted to do so.


Our little Ruby is amazing. We are in awe of her every day and enjoy every moment with her.