Another Year in the Books, or Blog

(NOTE- This was written back in November 2013…I just published it now. Don’t judge.)

Another year is almost over and all my promises to be a better mommy blogger were never kept. My poor Ruby will have only bits and pieces of her life typed out for her to remember. I guess having something is better than nothing!

So, it looks like my last post marked the moment that pink and all-things princess entered our household. Let’s say I did my best to keep it at bay as long as possible, but the inevitable was going to happen. Ruby loves the Disney princesses, and mommy and daddy have realized it isn’t that bad. I wouldn’t say she is obsessed, but loves them more than I would have allowed to happen if I had control over the matter. However, I don’t and I’ve learned to accept that. She is a perfect mixture of liking dresses and glittery shoes, and playing outside in the dirt with crazy tangled hair. It is one of my favorite things about her!


Ruby also enjoyed playing and eating (clean) snow back in February…one of the great things about living out in the Pacific Northwest. It was supposed to be her first year to snowboard, but it never happened. It is on the list for 2014, which makes me really excited.


In the summer we had a trip out to South Carolina. It was one of the best trips, I think, we had as a family. Although it was partly for work, it was actually relaxing to be out on the beach in warm weather. Ruby really enjoyed playing in the sand and jumping waves. There were even a few days of rain and thunder storms, but it never dampened the trip.


We also had our first family vacation. To where you ask? Disneyworld, of course. Come on, silly, did you think this wasn’t coming? I have to admit it was the perfect age to go. It was all still magical for her and we did learn a few things about our dear girl on this trip. We learned she HATES fireworks. Really…HATES. She doesn’t like any ride that is dark, loud, or bumpy. This negated most rides. She loves any and every person in a Disney costume, which brought her such pure happiness that the meet and greets alone were worth the heat and the lines and the crowd.


At three, Ruby never ceases to amaze me. She is very inquisitive and wants to understand everything about everything. The questions never stop! She can write her name all by herself and her school work still feels like playing to her. The girl also has an AMAZING memory. Really, it boggles the mind how she remembers people, places, events. She is very observant, even when you think she isn’t paying attention.

She started a new school this year- a Korean school. She’s been able to pick up Korean here and there, and I really appreciate that she is exposed to the food and culture. It is important to me that she identifies with that part of herself.

Ruby is a people person and continues to introduce herself (and us) to every stranger she meets. She becomes fast friends with everyone, especially other kids. Ruby will force and insert herself into any playground game and friendship. It truly is a skill!

What’s her favorite thing these days? SINGING! She loves to sing. I see musical theater in her future. It is something that she inherited from her daddy (although her mommy did love to act in theater as well). I do enjoy hearing her little voice in the car while I drive. Her favorite songs at the moment are songs from Nightmare Before Christmas and various Disney movies. It really is a lot of fun.

This was the first Halloween where she was aware it was a holiday. I think it is going to be one of her favorites. She loved dressing up and trick or treating. The candy didn’t hurt either.


It’s been a good year, and I’m glad to say we still have some more fun to look forward to with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up. Ruby is going to love it!