Being Replaced

Ruby: I am going to need a new Mommy and Daddy.

Me: Why?

Ruby: When I get older, you and daddy will die and then I need a new Mommy and Daddy.

Me: No, we’ll always be your mommy and daddy…even when we die.

Ruby: Oh. Okay.

Somehow, I don’t think she was convinced.



Daddy: How was your day, buggy? Were you good today?

Ruby: I listened at school, but didn’t listen to Mommy. I said sorry lots of times today.

She’s pretty awesome…even on the rough days.

Another Year in the Books, or Blog

(NOTE- This was written back in November 2013…I just published it now. Don’t judge.)

Another year is almost over and all my promises to be a better mommy blogger were never kept. My poor Ruby will have only bits and pieces of her life typed out for her to remember. I guess having something is better than nothing!

So, it looks like my last post marked the moment that pink and all-things princess entered our household. Let’s say I did my best to keep it at bay as long as possible, but the inevitable was going to happen. Ruby loves the Disney princesses, and mommy and daddy have realized it isn’t that bad. I wouldn’t say she is obsessed, but loves them more than I would have allowed to happen if I had control over the matter. However, I don’t and I’ve learned to accept that. She is a perfect mixture of liking dresses and glittery shoes, and playing outside in the dirt with crazy tangled hair. It is one of my favorite things about her!


Ruby also enjoyed playing and eating (clean) snow back in February…one of the great things about living out in the Pacific Northwest. It was supposed to be her first year to snowboard, but it never happened. It is on the list for 2014, which makes me really excited.


In the summer we had a trip out to South Carolina. It was one of the best trips, I think, we had as a family. Although it was partly for work, it was actually relaxing to be out on the beach in warm weather. Ruby really enjoyed playing in the sand and jumping waves. There were even a few days of rain and thunder storms, but it never dampened the trip.


We also had our first family vacation. To where you ask? Disneyworld, of course. Come on, silly, did you think this wasn’t coming? I have to admit it was the perfect age to go. It was all still magical for her and we did learn a few things about our dear girl on this trip. We learned she HATES fireworks. Really…HATES. She doesn’t like any ride that is dark, loud, or bumpy. This negated most rides. She loves any and every person in a Disney costume, which brought her such pure happiness that the meet and greets alone were worth the heat and the lines and the crowd.


At three, Ruby never ceases to amaze me. She is very inquisitive and wants to understand everything about everything. The questions never stop! She can write her name all by herself and her school work still feels like playing to her. The girl also has an AMAZING memory. Really, it boggles the mind how she remembers people, places, events. She is very observant, even when you think she isn’t paying attention.

She started a new school this year- a Korean school. She’s been able to pick up Korean here and there, and I really appreciate that she is exposed to the food and culture. It is important to me that she identifies with that part of herself.

Ruby is a people person and continues to introduce herself (and us) to every stranger she meets. She becomes fast friends with everyone, especially other kids. Ruby will force and insert herself into any playground game and friendship. It truly is a skill!

What’s her favorite thing these days? SINGING! She loves to sing. I see musical theater in her future. It is something that she inherited from her daddy (although her mommy did love to act in theater as well). I do enjoy hearing her little voice in the car while I drive. Her favorite songs at the moment are songs from Nightmare Before Christmas and various Disney movies. It really is a lot of fun.

This was the first Halloween where she was aware it was a holiday. I think it is going to be one of her favorites. She loved dressing up and trick or treating. The candy didn’t hurt either.


It’s been a good year, and I’m glad to say we still have some more fun to look forward to with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up. Ruby is going to love it!

Ruby- 30 Months of Joy

My baby is no longer a baby! Miss Ruby is a full-fledged kid. She has changed so much and continues to become her own unique person every day.

Ruby strawberry picking

Since my last post (which has been awhile, I know), we celebrated Ruby’s second birthday. She had a CHOPPED birthday party where all her friends and family in Seattle had to create dishes using her favorite foods- Trader Joe’s O’s Cereal, pepperoni, garbanzo beans, and apple sauce. It’s a strange combo but all the food was delicious and Ruby ate it up! Her Nina and I even made her a Mickey Mouse cake.

Untitled Birthday cake

Ruby has also been busy with family weddings. She was a flower girl in two weddings this year- her Uncle Jacob and Auntie Katie’s wedding AND her Auntie Anna and Uncle Matt’s wedding. She successfully completed her duties of walking down the aisle, with some help and ushering, of course.


Ruby is still a super active kid. She loves to climb on the playground, jump like a frog, run and chase her daddy, and dance to songs she knows. She still loves buses and trains, airplanes, trying to catch the moon, counting the stars, and talking to random people at the grocery store. Her favorite movies at the moment are Belle and the Beast (or Beauty and the Beast), Wall-E, and Monsters Inc. She can spend time on puzzles and really LOVES swimming! Swimming has to be her all-time favorite thing at the moment.

Untitled Untitled

She continues to really enjoy music. Some of the songs she (and her parents) listen to repeatedly are My Favorite Things and Do-Rae-Mi from the Sound of Music. She sings all these songs in the car, which her mommy and daddy both enjoy.


A big moment in her life this year was when she met her dream celebrity Mickey Mouse! I’ve never seen her so happy. She even met Donald Duck, Minnie Mouse, Pluto, and Goofy. That was a great day for all!


Ruby is very smart. She continues to learn more and more each day. She talks…a lot. She knows all the sounds the letters make, and every so often she’ll surprise us by reading a smaller word like dad, mom, or cat.


She knows who her family is and tells us “I Love You” without being prompted to do so.


Our little Ruby is amazing. We are in awe of her every day and enjoy every moment with her.

5 and 6 months…Growing up baby!

It’s been a busy fall, which is why I missed a post (or two). However, our little Roo is now 6 months old. SIX MONTHS OLD! She is such a big girl.

Ruby 5 months

What has Ruby accomplished in the past few months? Quite a few things actually.

Ruby 6 months

She loves to laugh and smile. She can fully enjoy most of her toys and make them rattle and move and roll. Ruby doesn’t quite crawl yet, but she finds ways to get from one place to another by kicking and rolling herself around.

Ruby 5 months

She also is now eating solids. Her first taste of food was rice then oatmeal. Her first non-grain was peas. Then she had carrots, pears, butternut squash, bananas, sweet potatoes, and apples. She loves them all! It took some time since I think she had to get used to the textures of them all. Her favorites have been peas and bananas. She has been loving her apples though.

Ruby, First Pumpkin Patch

Ruby had her first visit to the pumpkin patch! We all had so much fun! It was great to sit her in the sea of pumpkins and see her eyes light up with all the new things around her.

Ruby 6 months

Her latest stats from the doctor’s office:

Weight: 15.8 lbs
Height: 26.25 in

Ruby is in the middle on the weight curve, pretty tall, and supposedly has a GIANT head. She is on track with all her milestones. Doctor said she is very strong since she can already sit up on her own for a long period of time. Her legs are also strong…probably from all the bouncing she does in her jumperoo.

Mom and dad are doing well too. It hasn’t been easy, nor has it gotten easier. However, we just have to take one look at her and we know it is all worth it. We’re looking forward to celebrating the holidays with Miss Ruby. That will be the next blog entry!

38 weeks and counting- FULL TERM!

Any day now…that is the waiting game that we’re playing in this house!

It’s been an interesting few weeks. I’ve finished closing stuff down at work and baby’s room is officially done. The car seat is in and the hospital bags are semi-packed. We just need a baby now!

I’ve been feeling overall not terrible. I wouldn’t say great, but not terrible. This past weekend was probably the worst of it since I had some false labor contractions. At least, that’s what I think they were. Each time there is a new ache or pain, I’m always asking myself, “Is this is? Is this what a contraction is supposed to feel like?” Then I tell myself that if I have to ask that it probably isn’t. However, if you look up what others say about what contractions feel like (yes, I’m the dork that googles “labor contraction symptoms”) then you find out that they feel different to everyone. Some find it painful while others just find it REALLY uncomfortable. So, who knows? I’m going to guess that my pains yesterday were labor contractions, but not the real things since they were very inconsistent.

As for everything else, I waddle now and have a hard time sitting still. No position is comfortable what so ever. I am extra whiny about things- but, I feel that since I haven’t really complained once this whole pregnancy I am allowed my occasional gripe now.

Here are the latest pics:


Baby is officially ready to go (as you can see, so am I)! S/he should be weighing in at about 6.5-7 pounds. S/he still moves, more squirming than actual full kicks since there isn’t much room in there. I have officially dropped and about 1 cm dilated as of Friday. However, with all the contractions I had this weekend I guess there is a possibility it could be more. Now we just wait for this little one to make his/ her arrival!

33 and 35 weeks…home stretch (almost)

The final month is here! I’ll be at 36 weeks next week, which means my due date is about one month away. I can’t believe how fast the time went! I know some people say pregnancy is a 9-month long waiting game, but it really has felt like a blur. I think being pregnant during a really busy work time was a great thing for me. I never felt like I was waiting around, and it kept me walking on my feet most days (great for no swelling and keeping weight at a normal level).

The past few weeks have been the usual busy. I’ve been slowly closing stuff up at work to be sure it is all ready for my maternity leave, and we had some of our favorite family members in town last week. It was so nice to host people in our newly renovated home! Also, we got to show them around Orlando. That means this preggers woman went on a canoe to see gators, walked all day around Disney World, and ate some really yummy food complete with dessert. It was as if we were on vacation too!

My aunt and my cousin also did a belly cast on me. It is such a great keepsake to have and pass on to this little one when s/he is old enough. It’s pretty cool to see yourself and how big the belly actually is.

We also got our maternity belly pictures done. I found a FABULOUS photographer who took the exact type of pictures I was looking for. You can find a sampling of our photos on her blog: . I’m so excited to see the whole gallery once it is up! Also, check out her flickr page since I just think her work is absolutely beautiful: 

As for the third trimester…I’ve been feeling okay. Not great and not terrible. It’s definitely the worst trimester of them all. I’m tired all the time (probably because of the lack of sleep I get at night) and I definitely have more aches and pains. I have Braxton hicks contractions like no other, which have been quite uncomfortable as you can imagine.  AND, to top it off, I also feel a tad flu-ish. I have a bigger belly for sure as you will see in the pics below:

33 weeks:


35 weeks:


The baby is really no longer a little peep anymore! S/he is almost a full-grown peep, probably weighing in at about 5 pounds or so and 20 inches tall. Big peep will continue to grow and fill out in the next few weeks. (This shocks me since I don’t feel there is anymore room in me for this baby!) Baby’s brain will continue to develop. Big peep is also head down now since the heartbeat can be taken toward the lower bottom of my stomach. S/he continues to squirm and move, making it quite uncomfortable for mom. I especially don’t like the punches and/ or head bunt to the bladder. With a month to go, we all get to meet this little one very, very soon. So scary and exciting at the same time!