One, Two, Three, Four Months and Teeth

Four months! My little R is four months!

Each month has been amazing, but month number four has been a fun one. She is officially no longer an infant and in full-on baby mode. She can now roll over, which she does constantly. She loves to smile and babble to everyone…or no one. She does the actual “gaga googoo” and lots of “aaahhhhohhhh.” At 5am A and I are usually greeted by happy talk and squeals through the baby monitor. She is an excellent sleeper. We are very fortunate that our little girl sleeps through the night, and even when she does wake up at 5 am she can happily entertain herself until we get up.

Some other new developments are that she drools and chews on anything she can get her hands on…which now includes her feet! My little monkey is fascinated by her feet, and so much so she puts them in her mouth. And, as you can guess, all the drooling and chewing is because she is teething. TEETHING!! I type it with exclamation and shock because this is very early. Most books say that babies may begin getting symptoms now to only teeth at six to eight months. Nope! Not my little girl! Two little white teeth have popped out, with one more coming in the bottom and two more coming in at the top. I say “What???” She is going to have a good set of pearly whites by the time she is one! Yikes!

R likes to kick a lot and loves to stand! I’m wondering if she’ll be walking before crawling, which most kids I guess do these days. Her legs are VERY strong, and I do remember the painful kicks when she was in the belly. She also enjoys her books…reading them and chewing on them.


She had her second dose of shots and her four-month check-up. She is on track and ahead! (Of course she’s ahead since she’s our kid! Wink, Wink). She is now 24 inches long and 13 pounds. She is about in the middle for height and weight, but her head is giant according to the chart. No wonder she is such a bobble head! She also had her first injury…caused by mom. Sorry R! We had a little nail-cutting incident. It was bound to happen with a wiggly child and those teeny, tiny nails.


R also had her first plane ride. We went out to California for my cousin’s wedding and to show her off to the family. She did very well on the plane. I think I was more stressed out than she was. It was amazing how many items one tiny little person needs. We kept looking around us on the plane and saying there was a baby explosion. Seriously! Bottles, diapers, blankets, toys…it was just everywhere. All told, she was a great traveler. She only had one meltdown each way on the plane, and it was right before we actually took off. We also didn’t have any trouble adjusting her to the time difference. She went to sleep when she needed and woke up when she usually did.

As for us, we’re doing well and surviving. Our life is still all baby, and I have a feeling it will be that way for a while. It’s either work, baby, or sleep. A’s 30th birthday is just around the corner, and we are taking a mini-getaway for it- R free of course. Although I’m looking forward to a little rest and relaxation, I’m already missing my girl and we haven’t even left yet.



It’s pretty amazing how a kid makes you realize that there are really no milestones or big and amazing changes left in your life. That’s why prior to baby, time seems to go at a reasonable pace. But now, all my milestones and changes are counted in baby moments and all I want to do is yell “SLOW DOWN! LET ME CATCH MY BREATH!”

Ruby is 3 months old. I can’t believe how fast the time went. Just one year ago, Miss R was only but a fleeting thought in my head. She is now here and making me feel all misty eyed.

At three months, she is able to smile and do very small giggles (my favorite development of all). She can lift her head high and hold it there for a while when on her belly.


She has been able to keep her melt downs to a minimum, only really crying when she is hungry and/ or tired. She still eats pretty often, but it just means she’s growing big and strong. She’s already outgrown some of her 0-3 mo. old clothing. I admit, every time I realize a onesie doesn’t fit her anymore I want to burst into tears. I’m officially a mommy-mess.


Another milestone we’ve hit is my first long trip away from her (three whole days). Who knew it would be SO difficult? Well, maybe some of you moms knew. I did not. I thought it would be a little sad, but not to the extent that I’ve become almost an emotional basket case. Every kid I see reminds me of Ruby and I just want to turn around and go home. Unfortunately, this mom has to work to bring home some of the bacon. It’s been a challenge to be a full-time working parent. At times I feel like I’m spread a little thin and not able to give enough to any one particular task or person, which is something I’m not used to. I’m sure it will get better with time and practice.

Oh! And here is a picture of A and me, just in case you were wondering if we still take pictures of us anymore. We do!

What? There’s a life besides baby?

A and I never wanted to be those people who have nothing else to talk about besides their kid. But, guess what? We ARE those people. Don’t worry people! I’ve noticed it! No one needs to tell me that all I seem to talk about is my child, how tired I am, breastfeeding, infant sleep patterns, etc. I mean, look at this blog? Is there the word “Ruby” or “baby” anywhere in the title? Nope.

However, I do have an excuse. I seriously have had NO LIFE besides Ruby since she was born. What have I done that hasn’t been Ruby-related? Nothing. Where have I gone that hasn’t been Ruby-related? Nowhere. My whole little world has revolved around her. I’m not complaining. I think it’s just the nature of having a little one at home now. However, my fingers are crossed that my life does begin to branch out a bit more.

I’m back to work this week, which has been challenging. I am amazed at how I can really organize my day and cram in every minute with something to do. There is no such thing as naps or down time when there are emails to check and paper work to catch up on (or blogs to keep up with). It hasn’t been fun…not that it was expected. It makes me envy stay-at-home mothers or rich people who have a live-in nanny.

Miss Ruby had her first set of shots this week.

So sad!! We discussed the possibility of spreading out her shots with our trusted doctor, but he convinced us that it was perfectly fine to keep her to the recommended schedule. I’m actually a little thankful we did since I’m not sure our poor girl (or her parents) could have handled spreading them out. She took the shots like a big girl, crying only for a few minutes once they poked her. It broke our hearts just a little to see our baby scream and turn red. However, she fell fast asleep. It wasn’t until she really woke up hours later did she start screaming (again) because of the discomfort in her leg. Tylenol helped, thankfully.

Her stats for her 8 week check up:
weight- 10 lbs, 1/2 oz.
height- 22 in.

However, she is nine weeks this week.


As you can see, Ruby loves to pose for the camera! Not much has changed except she really is able to pick up her head fully while on her stomach and hold it up for a few minutes! I am so proud!! She also smiles so much more these days and we think (knock on wood) that her fussy crying is diminishing for the most part. She seems to be able to stay awake without crying for longer periods of time. If she does cry, we’ve noticed it’s because she is hungry or tired (normal for a baby), not so much out of boredom. She’s over all a pretty laid back kid now. She loves ceiling fans. I mean, really loves them. She smiles and laughs for the ceiling fan more than for us. She is also entertained by all the cooking shows that I have on during the day. Her favorites are Giada and Nigella. I think she enjoys their voices. I’m hoping by the time she is five she’ll be able to cook us dinner!

Awhile ago I gave myself a mini-photo project. I took one picture a day that seemed to capture the moment of that day. I think I’m going to do this again since I had a good time with it. We’ll see!

Six Weeks

I can’t believe my little girl is almost at the two month mark! Where did the time go?

Miss Ruby has been growing up so fast before our eyes. It is absolutely amazing to see all the changes that have been happening. So many parents have told us how fast kids grow and to enjoy every minute of it, but it is hard to really understand until it happens in your own little family. She really does change and grow quickly.


So, what is Ruby like at six weeks? First, she looks so different from her first week at home. She lost all the swelling in her face and her features are starting to really show themselves. She’s also taller and bigger! The last time she was weighed (about three weeks ago), she was 8 lbs and 4 oz. She is probably closer to 9 lbs now. My little girl is getting so big!! I’m going to be sad the day I can’t hold and cuddle her completely in both arms.


She’s also been hitting all her development marks (and believe me, her mommy and daddy are keeping track). She can see very well. She loves to stare out the window, in her little mirror on her tummy time mat, and loves to watch Elmo on Sesame Street. She can follow our voices when we talk to her and read to her, and she even watches the itsy-bitsy spider go up the water-spout when we sing it to her. (She loves that song!) She is starting to smile a little more, which brings tears to our eyes because it is just so cute. Ruby can also lift and turn her head when on her tummy, and can scoot a little on her stomach. However, she does get frustrated easily. She is also starting to “coo” a bit, which makes it fun to have baby conversations with her.


We’ve been slowly adjusting to life as parents. We are fortunate to have a girl who can sleep long stretches at night. Even when she is up or when we put her down after a night feeding, she is kind enough to not cry and put herself back to sleep. One interesting thing is that she LOVES her music! She can’t sleep and stay asleep without her little nano playing. (I know, this kid already has her own iPod. But, there was an extra thanks to my mom.) We have a constant play list going all night and she just really likes it. Curious as to what this little girl listens to? She has the Rock-a-Bye Baby Smashing Pumpkins and Beach Boys lullabies, Baby Einstein Mozart, and a baby mix put together by her parents (which includes Coldplay, Joshua Radin, James Taylor, Smashing Pumpkins, Keane, Jack Johnson, Bob Marley, Feist, Jeff Buckley, Sigur Ros, The Cure, etc.) If you know us, you probably can figure out who chose each artist.

So this adventure continues, and although we’re always tired and at times frustrated, we’re enjoying the ride! I’m sure there is going to be more to report in the next few weeks. I’ll be sure to update again soon!

Ruby, Ruby, Ruby

She’s finally here!!

I know it’s been three weeks since our little miss Ruby was born, but it is hard to find time when you have an infant needing your attention. However, I wanted to be sure I blogged about the day she was born and the three weeks after.

Let’s start at the beginning. My labor story is not horrible, but it wasn’t a breeze either. I’m not sure how to retell it, but perhaps a timeline format will work:


11:30 pm- First start feeling contractions. However, I was told by A to wait and just go to bed, which I attempted to do.


2:00 am- Left for the hospital since the contractions were about 5-7 min apart.

2:30 am- At the hospital, 2 cm dilated and waiting in a hospital room to be admitted.

4:00 am- Officially admitted into the hospital, 3 cm dilated.

5:00 am- Get the much needed epidural! It was a LIFE SAVER! I didn’t feel a thing 😉

5-noon- Just waited, and waited, and waited…

Noon- Fully dilated and waiting to push!

Noon-4:00 pm- Some pushing, some waiting, some more pushing, some pain-killer issues, and more pushing…

4:00 pm- Started really pushing.

7:39 pm- Little girl makes her grand entrance!


Ruby Sun Harden
April 28, 2010
7:39 pm
6 lbs. 12 oz
19 in

So, that is the labor tale in a nut shell. There is much more in between, but you can just ask me about them if you need to know. All I can say is that it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be, but it could have been much easier. There are definitely things I’ll remember for the next time (if there is one…to early to decide)! We were VERY glad to wait to find out if she was a girl. I don’t regret that decision one bit. As for the pregnancy, part of me is glad to have some control of my body back but a small part of me is sad that this little being isn’t with me all the time. Now that I have a face to put to the little kicks and turns I was feeling in my belly, I realize that she had been with me for a while now. It’s a pretty amazing feeling!

A quick bit of info about where her name came from. A and I had decided on Ruby months ago. I had chosen the name from a Kaiser Chiefs song I had heard on the radio, and it just stuck with me. It was really one of the few names A and I could agree on. Her middle name- Sun- is Korean and means “goodness.” Yes, I did first get it from LOST (cheesy, I know), but I wanted her to have a name that reminded her that she was part Korean and I really did like the meaning. She fits her name and I know any other name would just not have been for her.

So now, nine months later little Ruby Roo has arrived and is now officially part of the Harden household. She has turned us all upside down- in a good way of course. We don’t get much sleep anymore (a given). Our lives are slowly adjusting to being completely absorbed by her. We are just entertained by staring at her and all her funny gestures and faces that she makes. As cliché as it sounds, we are in awe that we created this being and still can’t believe it.

She really doesn’t do much. She is probably awake (not crying or not eating) only about an hour or two a day. She is a VERY good sleeper, which A and I are thankful for. She sleeps through the night (not including her feeding breaks) and really doesn’t fuss too much. Trust me, she has her moments where we feel completely helpless as to what is causing her sad screaming. However, we know we will get through it all and figure out what needs to get done. The most challenging thing really has been breastfeeding. I have a whole other blog entry on that, so I’ll save what I have to say for later.

She is now three weeks and it makes me just a little sad to know she is getting so big so fast (again cliché but so true). She has gained weight and is taller (about 8 lbs now and 21 in long). I have a feeling she is going to take after her father when it comes to height. It wasn’t until I had her that I now understand the idea of savoring every moment. Time really does fly!


38 weeks and counting- FULL TERM!

Any day now…that is the waiting game that we’re playing in this house!

It’s been an interesting few weeks. I’ve finished closing stuff down at work and baby’s room is officially done. The car seat is in and the hospital bags are semi-packed. We just need a baby now!

I’ve been feeling overall not terrible. I wouldn’t say great, but not terrible. This past weekend was probably the worst of it since I had some false labor contractions. At least, that’s what I think they were. Each time there is a new ache or pain, I’m always asking myself, “Is this is? Is this what a contraction is supposed to feel like?” Then I tell myself that if I have to ask that it probably isn’t. However, if you look up what others say about what contractions feel like (yes, I’m the dork that googles “labor contraction symptoms”) then you find out that they feel different to everyone. Some find it painful while others just find it REALLY uncomfortable. So, who knows? I’m going to guess that my pains yesterday were labor contractions, but not the real things since they were very inconsistent.

As for everything else, I waddle now and have a hard time sitting still. No position is comfortable what so ever. I am extra whiny about things- but, I feel that since I haven’t really complained once this whole pregnancy I am allowed my occasional gripe now.

Here are the latest pics:


Baby is officially ready to go (as you can see, so am I)! S/he should be weighing in at about 6.5-7 pounds. S/he still moves, more squirming than actual full kicks since there isn’t much room in there. I have officially dropped and about 1 cm dilated as of Friday. However, with all the contractions I had this weekend I guess there is a possibility it could be more. Now we just wait for this little one to make his/ her arrival!

33 and 35 weeks…home stretch (almost)

The final month is here! I’ll be at 36 weeks next week, which means my due date is about one month away. I can’t believe how fast the time went! I know some people say pregnancy is a 9-month long waiting game, but it really has felt like a blur. I think being pregnant during a really busy work time was a great thing for me. I never felt like I was waiting around, and it kept me walking on my feet most days (great for no swelling and keeping weight at a normal level).

The past few weeks have been the usual busy. I’ve been slowly closing stuff up at work to be sure it is all ready for my maternity leave, and we had some of our favorite family members in town last week. It was so nice to host people in our newly renovated home! Also, we got to show them around Orlando. That means this preggers woman went on a canoe to see gators, walked all day around Disney World, and ate some really yummy food complete with dessert. It was as if we were on vacation too!

My aunt and my cousin also did a belly cast on me. It is such a great keepsake to have and pass on to this little one when s/he is old enough. It’s pretty cool to see yourself and how big the belly actually is.

We also got our maternity belly pictures done. I found a FABULOUS photographer who took the exact type of pictures I was looking for. You can find a sampling of our photos on her blog: . I’m so excited to see the whole gallery once it is up! Also, check out her flickr page since I just think her work is absolutely beautiful: 

As for the third trimester…I’ve been feeling okay. Not great and not terrible. It’s definitely the worst trimester of them all. I’m tired all the time (probably because of the lack of sleep I get at night) and I definitely have more aches and pains. I have Braxton hicks contractions like no other, which have been quite uncomfortable as you can imagine.  AND, to top it off, I also feel a tad flu-ish. I have a bigger belly for sure as you will see in the pics below:

33 weeks:


35 weeks:


The baby is really no longer a little peep anymore! S/he is almost a full-grown peep, probably weighing in at about 5 pounds or so and 20 inches tall. Big peep will continue to grow and fill out in the next few weeks. (This shocks me since I don’t feel there is anymore room in me for this baby!) Baby’s brain will continue to develop. Big peep is also head down now since the heartbeat can be taken toward the lower bottom of my stomach. S/he continues to squirm and move, making it quite uncomfortable for mom. I especially don’t like the punches and/ or head bunt to the bladder. With a month to go, we all get to meet this little one very, very soon. So scary and exciting at the same time!

27, 29, 31 weeks….FINALLY

I can’t even tell you how busy life has been. It’s been B-U-S-Y. With work kicked up into high (height of my selling season at the moment), getting the house ready, and just general life stuff getting in the way, all I can say is sorry for only just now posing updates. It’s already March and my last post was JANUARY! What’s changed? Where do I begin?

We FINALLY have the house in semi-decent shape. A’s been working hard to get all our little odds and ends ready for baby, including the baby’s room. Baby finally has a space of his or her own! We just finished this up yesterday after a trip to IKEA. I must give a shout out to IKEA, because without IKEA, baby would have very little. We also have great friends who have been kind enough to hand down some much needed (and expensive) baby goodies for us to borrow.  (Pics to come.)

What else did we do? We fixed up our bathroom and bedroom too! It’s sadly all stuff we should have taken care of three years ago. (Pics to come.)

Baby news? Well, little peep is really no longer little. S/He reminds me of it every single day. The kicks, punches, and rolls have gotten so much stronger. I’ve doubled over a few times due to them. S/He usually moves around soon after I eat something, and sometimes (I think) when s/he is hungry. Baby is also now big enough that you can actually see my stomach move and roll. Baby likes to stay on my right side, so every so often my stomach looks a bit wonky with all the weight there. I also would say I’ve gotten to the point of being extremely uncomfortable. I’m starting to feel the Braxton Hicks contractions, which are no fun what so ever. Also, sleeping is nearly impossible. I’m lucky to sleep two hours straight before I wake up with cramps, aches, anxiety, stress, etc.

Before I go on, here are the pics of the last six weeks.

27 weeks


29 weeks


31 weeks


According to the books, the baby should be weighing in at over 3 pounds and about 18 inches long. Baby’s brain is continuing to develop, and s/he is starting to create patterns (sleep, eat, etc.). I’m doing good too. Our doctor’s appointments are now getting closer together. We go in another three weeks, and after that it’ll be two. Then the next few I’ll be going weekly. My weight is right where it is supposed to be- a whopping 21 pounds. I’m sure I’ll be gaining more since I am a lot hungrier lately. Baby must be growing! I officially no longer use my belly band and have very few things I actually fit in. I must say, I’ve been loving my yoga pants and sweats! All in all, we’re moving along wonderfully. We’re getting more and more excited to meet this little one!

25 Weeks

Another week!

The baby and I are both doing fine. There really isn’t any new change this week. I’m still feeling good, sleeping less, and anxiety filled. Baby may be going through another growth spurt because I’m a bit more tired than normal and seem to always be hungry!

I bought some more maternity clothes. Now I’m actually comfortable! There is plenty of room for little peep to roll and kick and make mommy generally uncomfortable at times 😉

My camera broke over the weekend, so the pictures now look a little different from the iPhone. Week 25 pics:


Per baby book, little peep is still growing- a whopping 1.5 pounds and 9 inches in length. S/He continues to develop capillaries, and her/his lungs are getting stronger and preparing to take that first breath of air. Little peep also has developed vocal chords! I can’t wait to see if s/he has a strong singing voice like her/his daddy! Just another week before we’re into the third trimester. Can you believe it? I can’t. Not too much longer now!