D’s List

1. Live in another country for at least a year

2. Publish an article or book

3. Visit the pyramids in Egypt

4. Learn to speak French- fluently

5. Make creme brulee

6. Pay off school debt

7. Find a job I ENJOY

8.  Go on a bike tour of Napa

9. Have a kid (or two)

10. Be an expert in something- ANYTHING!

11. See a whale that is NOT in captivity

12. Go to one really nice fancy dinner without thinking about how much it’s going to cost me (I’m talking multiple courses!)

13. Start a non profit

14. Take a photography class

15. Take a honeymoon (never really got one!)

16. Brew my own beer

17. Knit something

18. See a space shuttle night launch (this has to happen sooner than later)

19. Spontaneously take a trip out of the country on 2-3 hours notice

20. Be confident enough to sing karaoke in front of people

21. Create a piece of art to display in my house

22. Learn calligraphy

23. Organize my recipes into a book to pass on to my kids

24. Go on safari

25. Make the best mac and cheese EVER

26. Enter a cooking contest

27. Eat at one of Bobby Flay’s restaurants

28. Kiss my husband on the Eiffel Tower

29. Eat three of my favorite types of food (Japanese, Mexican, Korean) in their native countries

30. See Mt. Everest

31. Have professional “candid” pics taken of me and A

32. See The Killers live in concert

33. Go on a cruise

34. Run a marathon (well, super mini marathon)

35. Share a couple pints of Guinness with A in Dublin

36. Try a fried Snickers bar

37. Visit every state in the United States

38. Throw an outdoor movie party

39. Learn to swim properly

40. Have a 100% “green” house

41. Vote for a president that I 100% support and makes me less cynical about politics

42. See an Olympic event- preferably diving, swimming (YAY Michael Phelps!), or gymnastics

43. Learn to meditate

44. Own a pair of designer shoes (I know…very materialistic…but, I really would like a pair)

45. Have a REAL wedding band (long story)

46. Re-learn to play the piano

47. Have a part in a play (as an adult…I’ve done my fair share as a kid)

48. Take a cooking class in Italy or France

49. Get tipsy from an expensive bottle of champagne

50. Learn to sew and create an article of clothing I can wear


7 thoughts on “D’s List

  1. I can help with #5. I’ve got a cool little torch and everything. While you’re out here we could all head up to Napa and nock #8 off the list too.

  2. Thanks! I may take you up on that offer. I have one of those torch things too, bought for the purpose of making creme brulee. So far, I’ve only used it to torch marshmallows on cupcakes and sugar on strawberry toast.

  3. We have some very similar list items.

    I say we get together with A and R, each create our top 20 list, find one that will inevitably be on all lists, and just make it happen. Here’s hoping it’s a trip abroud.

  4. I love this idea! I officially want to have Jon and I create these lists! I think I can help you with #50! I make the easiest and cutest (if I might add) elastic waste band pencil skirts!

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